Mindsets for Tired Moms

I’ve been admiring new babies of my friends both online and offline. It really does seem like so long ago that my youngest, Dawson (now 4.5), was keeping me up … Read more

Mothering Through Anxiety

Anxiety in motherhood took over my parenting, my marriage and my happiness I came across this really interesting article.  It lists five types of mothering styles: perfectionist(she is hypercritical and controlling), … Read more

15. Intentional Living (what I’ve learned), Mom Retreats (mom office hours), Food Uniforms.

What I have learned about intentional living, why moms need office hours and how a mom’s retreat can help, eating the same food every day – the Food Uniform – … Read more

Something warm to drink

I know she loved tea…..And chain smoking in her house smock….. And barking at her husband.  I imagine her delicately-flowered teapot with a gradation of brown rings inside, marking days … Read more

A Year of Family Meetings

We are that dorky family that does family meetings. And I am ok with it because sometimes cool things happen when you do dorky things like have family meetings, or … Read more