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The Latest Episodes

40. Does the ‘not-enough’ mindset show up in your momlife? (Scarcity/Abundance)

In this episode we’re talking about the ‘not-enough’ mindset. AKA how to spot a scarcity mindset and shift it to an abundance mindset. The ‘not-enough’ mindset believes there is not enough to go around Not enough… Money Time Food Energy Attention Readers Friends Spotlight Praise Etcetera ‘Not-enough’ mindset says if…

18. How to start LIFE ON PURPOSE (values, vision, goals), styling an outfit, the enneagram replay.

Routine decluttering, get started with your life on purpose, styling an outfit, the enneagram workbook bonuses ++ recently decluttered ++ The initial decluttering of our house five years ago was sure dramatic. Now we are in the routine cleaning of places (decluttering, putting things back to their proper homes, recycling…