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small boy with glider plane and text overlay "simple easter gifts for kids"

Simple Easter Gifts for Kids

Easter is another Christian holiday that has become commercialized and is trending towards the excessive-gift-showering feel of Christmas. I love to give my kids gifts, but I also really want…

five ways we justify needless shopping

Five Ways We Justify Needless Shopping

I’m a recovering frivolous shopper. Since I’m trying to empty my home of needless items that I’ve acquired over the years I have swirling flashbacks of the hours I spent shopping for…

When you need permission to grieve

Coming into the New Year I had planned to talk about living your life ON PURPOSE. I wanted to really share what has been on my heart about showing up…

11 ways to simplify the gift giving

11 Ways to Simplify the Gift Giving

We just spent the week talking about gift giving. We talked about ways to make your gifts more thoughtful and ways to give kids gifts without it feeling like you…