The Enneagram + Motherhood Series

Welcome to the Enneagram and Motherhood Series

In this series of podcast episodes, you will hear from a variety of moms who are sharing how their Enneagram Type shows up in their motherhood experience. 


In each episode, I explain a bit about each type and then you will hear from 2-3 moms who share a couple of minutes on their motherhood experience. I asked them to tell us how their type empowers them in motherhood and how it shows up. 


This is a great series to listen to if you want to learn more about your type, listen for what type you could be, or if you want to see a more rounded view of the different ways we can all show up in motherhood. 


What makes the Enneagram unique is its emphasis on MOTIVES – why we do what we do.

This intro episode quickly explains the motives of each of the nine types. 


Thank you to the Type 1s who shared their motherhood experience: Louise, Jacquie and Liz

Listen to the Type 1 Mom right here


Thank you to the Type 2s (and to the many of you offered to help!) who shared their voice here: Louise, Aimee and Jessica

Hear the Type 2 Mom episode right here


Thank you for sharing your insights and experience Shannon, Veronica and Stef

Listen to the Type 3 Mom episode

Thank you to the Type 4s who shared on their experience with us, Laura and Shawna 

Listen to the episode on Type 4 Moms right here


Thank you to the Type 5 moms who were willing to lend their voice and experience, Liz and Melissa. 

You can hear the episode on the Type 5 mom here


Thank you, Tiffany and Kristin, for sharing your insights and motherhood journey for the Type 6 moms

Listen to the Type 6 mom here


Thank you to our Type 7 moms, Jacqueline and Sarah, for contributing your motherhood experiences with us

Find the Type 7 mom right here


Thank you to the voices of the Type 8 experience –  Stacie, Melissa and Ellen

Hear the Type 8 Mom Episode right here

Wrapping up with the Type 9 moms. I share my own experience along with Lindsey and Angelica, thank you ladies!

Listen to the Type 9 Mom right here.