Intentional Phone Habits Series

If your phone is not helping you live the life you want, in fact it is pulling you away from living your actual life, this series is for you

Part 1 covers: 

  • the good things about phones and technology
  • the term ‘phone addiction’ 
  • how are phone habits developed
  • the surprising find about habit-reward and how we use our phones
  • the negative impacts we might have from our phone habits
    • time, energy, relationships, work, attention, distractions, physical impacts, coping mechanism, mental health, sleep
  • the worksheets to help you understand how you are using your phone and how it is impacting you. We need to be aware of the costs before we choose to give up the benefit.

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Part 2 covers: 

  • What we are trying to GET from our phones, what we turn to them for. 
  • Getting our needs met in REAL LIFE and not just by our phones
  • How to be intentional with your phone
  • Setting boundaries with how you use your phone
  • I share my own personal phone limits and challenges that help me be intentional and accountable with my phone habits
  • Being intentional with your time OFF of your phone as well
  • Challenging the autopilot habits you have created with your phone
  • Challenging the cultural phone habits we accept as the status quo 
  • Changing your mind about what you think about your phone
  • Challenging the sense of urgency you get from your phone
  • Being uncomfortable as you learn not to rely on your phone
  • Doing the work of practising new and more intentional phone habits

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