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April 2022, I am not currently taking on new clients.

Please check back in September


Are you a mom who is stuck? In a rut? Overwhelmed? Restless?

If you are exhausted and frustrated, maybe it is time to get some formal support. 

I am a trained life coach and have been life coaching since 2018. Currently, I am also in the process of becoming a certified Counsellor.

I will help you find your blind spots that are holding you back from living with passion and purpose.

I will help you set a vision for your life that is true to you and your values.

I will help you take practical actions and create sustainable healthy habits in your life



First of all, what is a life coach?

Great question. 

I’ll admit I was confused too when I first heard about it. 

Long story short: A life coach is someone who helps you move forwards towards the life you want and the person/mom/woman you want to be.

  • And if you don’t know what that would even look like, a life coach helps you with that too! 

Shawna is an incredible life coach. She is warm and empathetic but also challenging. I have been encouraged to think about countless areas of my life in a different way – and come through a place of understanding and peace. If you are willing to feel the feelings and work hard, she can help you become unstuck, help you work out next steps – and you will enjoy the process! – 2020 Group Coaching Life on Purpose Academy Member

How do they do this?

Did you know that you have tremendous control over your life experience? And I don’t mean controlling the people and events around you. I mean controlling how you show up!

When you change how you show up, you change your whole experience and outcome of your daily life. 

A life coach will start with awareness around what is currently happening in your life and what you are in control of shifting. 

>> So you can let go of the rest and focus on what matters


I’m not here to tell you the rules of living and the steps you must follow. I’m here to help you get very clear on the values and vision you have for all the nine areas of your life and help you understand what it takes to get there.


When we want to change we might jump right to action – but as you can see there are steps we need to pay attention to first. >> Then we can take RIGHT ACTION. Action that is based on our values, and action that moves us towards what we want with empowerment and grace. 

Shawna tells it like it is in the most empathetic way possible. 🙂 Our sessions have made me a better mom, wife, friend to others, and friend to myself. Every piece of her content is profound and actionable. I’m so, so grateful. – 2020 Group Coaching Life on Purpose Academy Member

Okay, but what exactly will a life coach help me with in my mom life?

Here are some example of the issues I have coached women on over the years:

  • Enjoying your kids more
  • Parenting with more peace
  • Shifting away from negative self-talk
  • Handling your own perfectionism in motherhood
  • Loving the people in your home even though they drive you crazy
  • Showing up for yourself and the goals you want to achieve
  • Being the mom you want to be
  • Handling daily stress in motherhood
  • Having more fun with your spouse and your kids
  • Making big life decisions
  • Preparing for a hard season of life

And more….


Shawna has an amazing ability to ask those she’s coaching tough questions without sounding like she’s attacking, accusing, or judging. I don’t know how she does it–or how she’s acquired so much wisdom at such a young age! I only wish I’d found her years ago! Her gentleness and empathy always shine through, without diminishing the difficulty of the hard work she encourages us to do. – 2020 Group Coaching Life on Purpose Academy Member


How to get coached. 

  1. Select your program topic

  2. Fill out the application and book a consult call

  3. Show up for that call to have a conversation about what coaching is like

  4. You decide if you want to start coaching with me


Program Topics

Program Types

I used to have program options on different coaching packages you could choose from. But now I opt for a simple and flexible option that seems to work best for most women and moms. 

Simply put, my sessions are 89.92 CAD, so you pay as you go. I want you to feel the freedom to come and get coaching as you need it and book your own sessions accordingly. 

Here is what you can expect in working with me:

Coaching sessions: Sessions are one hour and will be held over zoom, audio-only no video.  For our first couple of sessions together we will follow an intake process and then I look to you as the client to share what topic you would like to address in each session as we go along. 

Training and Resources: Clients will receive training and worksheets on their Program Topic, as well as access to training on Mindset Basics and All or Nothing Thinking.  More resources may be provided if applicable. 

Written email support: Coaching support is offered by email between sessions

Call recordings: The sessions are held over Zoom audio (not video) and a call recording is provided to the client to listen back on between sessions

Call recap notes: After the coaching session I will follow up with a full review of the call, also linking to any other additional resources. So, no need to be taking all the notes during the session.

I am a Christian and an Enneagram Coach > if you wish to have these incorporated into your coaching, just let me know. 


Apply for coaching here


Next steps for you!



Are you stuck, aimless, uncertain of what your next right step is in life?

Do you swing from the guilt of the undone laundry and/or boxes piled up in your home yet feel simultaneously annoyed by why that’s your responsibility in the first place? Or whether it even IS your responsibility?

Do you wonder why you’re exhausted at the end of your day, empty-handed in terms of what you’ve accomplished, even though it feels like you’ve done nothing but do, do, do?

Do you ever feel like you’re on the cusp of losing your identity or wonder who you even are anymore…like you’re a shadow or shell of the self that you want to be (or used to be)?

So did I, and let me tell you: not only did Shawna meet me with grace, but she met me with a compassionate, joyful energy, ready to help me get to work. She opened my eyes to MY vision, maybe for the first time in my life. She helped me recognize the lies, the myths, and the fears in my own heart and mind that were keeping me from experiencing the life (and mindsets) that God had probably intended me to have for years.

To think that I’ve only just this year encountered Shawna’s amazing (and so much of it free!!) content and to think how blessed I have been to work with her over the past ~7 months both in 1:1 coaching and in group coaching is best summed up by this unlikely-for-2020 statement: 2020 has been powerfully & positively transformative for me in terms of my perspective, mindsets, assumptions, intentionality, and relationships (marriage, family, & friendships included).

This year I started out in a hard place, with lots of uncertainty, lacking clarity, and with (unbeknownst to me until I started working with Shawna) quite a bit of resentment toward myself, others, and the world. This year I am wrapping up the year in the same job, the same marriage, the same house, with many of the same circumstances, but with a radically, wildly different outlook on my life. And it is making such a difference in my experience of the here & now and in my outlook toward the future.

Don’t let another birthday pass you by…YOU and YOUR life are worth showing up for, fully, as the person that you were truly created to be. And Shawna just might be the coach to help you do that…she certainly was (and is) for me! – 2020 Group Coaching Life on Purpose Academy Member

My Story

Motherhood is relentless, overwhelming and sometimes we feel like we are just surviving.

I had three kids in three and a half years and I will be the first to say, it wasn’t pretty.

I gave up my career, felt lost, restless and anxious. My health, home,  marriage, mothering and relationships all suffered from how I was handling life (or not handling life). 

mom with two toddlers and a baby

A few years in I learned about minimalism and started to purge my home. As I got into decluttering my home I found myself face to face all the areas of my life and my heart that needed to be decluttered too. 

I was struck by all the areas of my life where I was on auto-pilot, all the areas I felt unfulfilled and aimless about.

I have been on a journey for the past four to LIVE MY LIFE ON PURPOSE.

Now I want to use what I have learned in my journey, through my years of life coaching experience and in my training to become a registered therapist to HELP YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE!


Why do you need a life coach?

A life coach is someone who brings out the best in you. A life coach helps you to uncover those bad habits, those blind spots and those limiting mindsets you might not even realize are holding you back. A life coach isn’t someone who tells you what to do, they guide you in setting action and vision for yourself from your own ideas and desires.

You have probably tried making to-do lists, and changing bad habits but you can lose steam or even become resentful of these changes. Maybe you have tried to handle your happiness with projects and goals but when they didn’t make you happy then you got unhappy about being unhappy.

I can help you see the real root cause of your issues and help you move forward with a deeper awareness and ability to make positive, lasting changes. Life coaching helps you find truer contentment and live your life in a way that doesn’t burn you out or leave you overwhelmed.



As a coach, I am here for you! I won’t tell you how to live your life, I won’t judge where you are at. I WILL ask you to be open and vulnerable so we can get to root causes. I will hold space for you to figure things out. I also will challenge you to push yourself in the direction of growth – a direction that only you know best.

You will get me for our coaching calls, as well as I will be available through email.

I have experience with many issues that I use to help you in the coaching process. You can tap into my experience dealing with career changes, motherhood, marriage, decluttering, blogging, faith, the enneagram, community, creativity, health, home and more.



You get UNSTUCK.

You get the changes you KNOW you want to make in your life. I bet you could think of one thing in your life, right now, that you are tolerating and want to find a way to address it in a positive and meaningful way. I will give you the tools to do this!

You will get a life that is more in line with your own values and you will find purpose and success in pursuing your life from a place of love and enjoyment.