41. Overwhelm in mom life: Life coaching advice on how to manage overwhelm.

Overwhelm in motherhood is often part of the role. There is so much to keep track of, manage, plan for, do. 

When we feel overwhelmed we often think we are doing something wrong, or we need to try harder, or our life is just too hard. 

Often the overwhelm causes us to stress and act from this stress response which gives us a negative outcome in our lives and homes. 

But overwhelm is a FEELING we have about the mental clutter in our brain. So, what do we do about the mental clutter?

We need to lay it out, sort through it and make decisions on what to do next. 



  1. Calm your nervous system
  2. Unpack and inventory 

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How to do a brain dump

  1. Prioritize like you mean it

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Knowing Your Values free worksheet

Knowing Your Vision free worksheet

When you don’t know what you want out of life (podcast episode 32)

  1. Take Action



Over the past few years, I have shared the Simple Christmas Series to help you prepare for Christmas (everything from gift-giving, to advent, to party food). I am taking this information and giving it legs so you can put it INTO ACTION. 

The Simple Christmas Planner will be released in the next two weeks. It will take you through the mindsets, expectations, simplifying, gift lists, planning and preparing the Christmas that YOU WANT for you and your family! Stay tuned to the Simple Saturdays email for more info!

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how to handle overwhelm in motherhood


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