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Welcome to the FREE RESOURCES library. 

There are worksheets, challenges and reference sheets designed to help you dig deeper into simplifying your life, home and heart. 


Listen to the first lesson on Growth Mindset, shared on this podcast episode


When you want the mental chatter to stop, try these mindfulness questions that I use myself. I unpack them more here on this episode about mindfulness in marriage


Read more about living life ON PURPOSE


Read more about life values (knowing how you want to show up!)


Read more about setting your life vision (know what you want out of life!)


Listen to them on podcast episodes 73. How to deal with the emotional struggles of being a mom of babies and toddlers

and 74 . Show up for momlife with these empowering mindsets


A mega list of fun things for your kids to do on their own, and fun things to do as a family


Try a new tool that I call Habit Refinement. Episode 150, A New Approach to Habit Change


Listen to the podcast episode on Hygge vs Minimalism

BUSY is a common cycle for moms to be on – because we have a culture that tells us how busy is a badge of honour while simultaneously throwing memes of frazzled moms in our faces. 

Listen to the companion episode on this topic, Episode 86: Why Are You So Busy. 

And if you are interested in the Enneagram, check out the Enneagram and Motherhood Series 


Identity clutter is the clutter you keep because it represents an identity you want to have/did have/feel like you should have.

Listen episode 143, How to Let Go of Identity Clutter and use these worksheets to spot it in your own life and home. 


I work with many women who want to use their phones less. And before we jump to the changes we want to make, we need to get a snapshot of what is happening right now. Use these worksheets to help you audit your current phone usage, and listen to Episode 146, Feeling Addicted To Your Phone? for more on the topic. 


What boundaries and strategies can you use to be more intentional with your phone use?

In Episode 147, Intentional Phone Habits + Boundaries I share some of my own strategies and insights


Companion episode 141, When Shopping Isn’t Making Your Life Better 


Listen to the podcast episode about 5 of these home organization mistakes and how to handle them 


Read more about simplifying your home 


Read more about stress, clutter and tolerations 


From the Simplify Your Life Series 

Read Part One: What Simple Living Really Comes Down To


Read Part Two: Ten Reasons Your Life is Not Simpler


Read Part Three: When You Don’t Know What You Want Out of Life


Read Part Four: Six Steps to Simplify Your Life

Read more about what family rhythms are and the ones we have in our home