40. The ‘Not-Enough’ Mindset (scarcity + abundance in motherhood and life)

In this episode we’re talking about the ‘not-enough’ mindset. AKA how to spot a scarcity mindset and shift it to an abundance mindset. The ‘not-enough’ mindset believes there is not … Read more

Life Coaching with Simple on Purpose

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27. Lessons from the first year of decluttering, live your values and live your vision.

Have you spent time decluttering your home? Decluttering WILL be an emotional process because it means separating the life you want from the life you are building by default. Moreover, … Read more

24. Why minimalism changes lives, life coach advice on uncomfortable change, eye brows matter

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18. How to start LIFE ON PURPOSE (values, vision, goals), styling an outfit, the enneagram replay.

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