35. Six Ways to Simplify MomLife

Ways to simplify momlife is part two of the wrap up for the You Can Simplify Your Life series.

Did you miss part one? Listen to 5 things that make my life simpler.

Simple Life

There are so many demands on our resources (time, space, energy, money)—this makes it feel like our life is not simple.

But how do we do that as moms? How do we manage our own resources when everyone is demanding them 25 hours a day?

The best way to simplify your life is to find what feels simple TO YOU. BUT, I know that as part of that process it is helpful to get ideas on how other moms are simplifying.

So I will share some of the things I’ve done to simplify momlife and maybe some of them will work in your own life.

6 Ways to Simplify MomLife

  1. Taking time to slow down and be at home
    We will always think our lives are too busy when we feel like there isn’t enough time. If we fill our days going from place to place or chore to chore then we will feel the tension of living a life that has no time for the things we want and need. And we all need time to rest, and that time isn’t just given to us by some time fairy. We need to schedule in time to rest and recharge.
  2. Operating the household with a calendar and planner
    Planning is a game changer in motherhood! When I have a plan I feel in control, more relaxed and things get done that are supposed to get done. Knowing what needs to happen, preparing for it, and making sure everyone knows the plan makes my life a lot easier.
  3. Using technology to keep me on task
    I set calendar alarms for almost everything. From signing school forms at night to stops I need to make on the way to school pick up tomorrow, to a text message I want to make in a week. I put it all in my phone calendar and set two alarms to go off at different intervals so I don’t miss it.
  4. Limiting the number of extracurricular activities we have as a family
    I know this is a very personal issue so I am not saying that our way is right. This is what works for us, right now. I appreciate being at home with the kids after school and giving them downtime to play with the neighbourhood kids, and play lego, and read, and whatever. I know these days won’t always be here and they will be teenagers and we will be signing them up for ALL the activities.
  5. Keeping celebrations simple, but meaningful
    There are so many birthdays and holidays in a year that it can drain our resources fast to keep up a high level with each of them. But if we can keep them simple and thoughtful it feels much more manageable and purposeful. We can pay attention to what the best activity or experience or gift might be for someone and make them feel seen and special in so many ways. We don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Here is your permission slip!
  6. Planning out the upcoming year/season
    I love doing this because it lets us get clear on where to focus our efforts, time and money. We can work together (“teamwork makes the dream work”) and because I know we will do it again next time, I don’t feel the pressure to DO ALL THE THINGS in one summer, or one holiday.

You can see all of these things are about planning how we will use our resources—they help me get very intentional about where I allocate my time, money, energy and space.

Simplifying your life and planning how to use your resources is also a way of being intentional with the years you have with your kids at home. It means asking what kind of family culture you want to have, what things you want to make sure are top priority for the years your kids are in your house, and still making space for you to live your life too.

Simple on Purpose Community

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6 ways to simplify momlife

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