25. Working through unhappiness in motherhood, life coaching steps for handling a bad day. Bonus Q+A Episode


Answering a reader question: What you do when you feel like you want to cry, feel you’re not doing what you plan to do? All your plans are a disaster? Your children are not listening or following the rules?

In this episode I will answer this question and discuss the following points:

  • How our judgements on feeling ‘unhappiness’ makes moving through it difficult
  • Doubling down on the stress
  • How we handle our ‘negative emotions’
  • Managing stress in motherhood
  • Assessing your day to see what needs to shift
  • Resetting with our kids while taking our own emotional responsibility
  • Keeping a bad day bad or letting everyone move on
  • Center in on the mom you want to be. 

Links mentioned:

Mom Martyr

Life Coaching with Shawna

In the next episode, I will answer Question 2 all about shutting down that big dreamer in your when you become a mom. 


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