34. Ways to Simplify Momlife

I wanted to wrap up my You Can Simplify Your Life series with things that make my life simpler.

Simple Life

Living simple and on purpose is a very personalized thing. It means taking the time to find out what simple looks and feels like to you. It means setting your own vision and values and prioritizing your life/time/home/energy/money according to your vision and values.

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When life is simpler we can SHOW UP AND ENJOY IT!

These are things that make my life simpler and I hope there are some tips and strategies in there for you to try.

5 things that make my life simpler

  1. Decluttering my space
    Clearing the clutter from my home allowed me see I could have control over how I use my space. I saw the benefits of creating space for the home life I wanted. Decluttering helped me learn where and how to take control and make space in my life too.
  2. Meal planning for me and my people
    Feeding myself well hasn’t come naturally and I’ve had to learn how to feed myself and my people, everyday, many times a day. I’m a big fan of planning what makes your life easier and meal planning makes my life easier.
  3. Creating a capsule wardrobe
    Mornings are easier when I have fewer clothes, because they are the clothes I love to wear and feel like myself in.
  4. Having buffer time in the mornings
    Mornings matter. I want to give everyone space and time to have a smooth morning where they have found the one sweater they are willing to wear, ate food, and where they feel emotionally ready for the day.
  5. Having a weekly rhythm for my family
    I really love family rhythms because they give me peace of mind that there is time and space for everything to happen this week. Also, it gives the kids a lot of security to know what is routinely expected of them and what to expect from us.


Simplifying is worth it because when our life feels simple, we feel in control. We don’t scramble around putting out fires, we feel like there is time and space for what we need and want in life.

The Facebook group is live!

If you are part of any Facebook groups you know they are a great place to ask questions, find support, share your wins and get accountability with your goals.

Since there has been interest in starting a community group for the Simple on Purpose readers I’ve set up our community Facebook group.

BUT, ONLY JOIN IF you want to be engaged in the conversations. In the spirit of keeping your life simple, don’t add another Facebook group to your digital life if you are just going to sit on the sidelines and not take part.

If you are ready to join in, then we would love to chat with you there!

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