3. Brain dump, kid’s clothes storage, minimum baseline to change habits.

Declutter your mind and time with a brain dump, keep track of all the seasonal kid’s clothes and handmedowns, change your habits using minimum baseline.

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++ simple life ++

If you’ve been around Simple Saturdays for a while you know that I will often recommend doing a brain dump.  A brain dump is a list of all the stuff in your brain. It helps you to get all those thoughts and tasks swirling in your mind out onto paper. Then you can use this list to set yourself some priorities for the day. Check out the post here for how I use Brain Dumps and how they help you do life better


++ simple family ++

If you have kids you know that there are parts of your home designated as holding pens for stuff coming and going.  I thought I was solving this problem by labelling the bags and bins in the closet, but then I would never go in there and check. Mostly because all the bins and bags are in a huge pile that has to be all pulled out to get to the bottom (yes, we need shelves in there!).

So, I realized I needed a better way to track what is in there.  I can’t believe it took me over 7 years to figure this out. Keeping track of the inventory in my notes app! Check out my solution here


++ simple wellness ++

You guys know I’m a big habit nerd. I think habits are what change your life more than anything (for good or for bad).

[This Simple Hack Will Help You Change Your Habits]

A couple of years back I decided to challenge myself to change some habits. I called it #onesmallhabit and made the habits so simple that they wouldn’t take a lot of energy or thought to do them. I share with you a couple of the habits I worked on shifting.

As I continually look for ways to shift to healthier habits I am finding success with something called MINIMUM BASELINE.

I think I was missing this when I tried the #onesmallhabit. Because this is even simpler than that – it is the bare minimum. It is so dang low impact that you can’t NOT do it when you are challenged with it.

How I used minimum baseline

Here’s an example from my life:  I wanted to start getting the dishes tackled twice a day but I had a lot of more fun things to do instead. So I set a minimum baseline for myself: one dish. I can do one dish.

I would put a cup away.

Then I would laugh at myself and put another dish away.

Then I would do the dishes.

As I went through this process I was learning that I had some limiting mindsets that actually stopped me from getting my dishes done (that’s a whole other post!). Starting with this minimum baseline helped me to capture these thoughts that I subconsciously had that were keeping me from doing this simple daily chore.

Now I do the dishes twice a day, for the most part. If I don’t feel like it then I challenge myself with a minimum baseline.

How you can start with minimum baseline

The minimum baseline can apply to anything you want to bring into your life.

Want to eat more vegetables? Eat 1 carrot stick.

Want to try exercise at home? Do one push up. One.  

Want to declutter your closet? Get rid of one thing.

Want to read more books? Pick up any book in your house and read one page.


And if you are like me and are learning you have a lot of negative thought patterns in this process, then check out my life coaching, I can help you get unstuck! 


++ blog posts ++

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