Finding Your Simple Christmas

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On Friday we talked about these five tips to make your Christmas simpler. But ‘simple’ looks different to each family. What does it look like to your family?

The first step in finding your Simple Christmas is to get to know what’s going on under that candy cane grin. What are your expectations, your sources of anxiety, your must-haves and your good-enoughs.

So let’s make some lists! Why lists? Because if I ask you a question you can blurt out the answers that skim the surface of your thoughts, but if you sit down and make yourself write out more than three answers you will start to deepen your answer. You will start to reveal what is beneath the surface. Plus I just love lists.



Your Perfect Christmas

Your first list is ‘Your Perfect Christmas’. What details, decor, gatherings, presents, conversations, traditions, are forming up your vision of your optimal Christmas?

Now look at this list, you will see a theme. What do each of your points have in common? Why are they important to you? Is it winter adventure, spoiling someone special, hosting killer parties, having what you never had, recreating everything you did, meeting someone else’s expectations of the holiday, etc.?

Your Stressful Christmas

Next write a list of ‘Your Stressful Christmas’. What aspects of the holiday tend to stress you out. Hosting guests, turkey dinner, the money, why someone thought it would be a good idea to mix orange and chocolate – or more specifically, why you can’t stop eating the chocolate orange. 

Knowing your stressors is part of knowing yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over this list. It is healthy to know what causes you to be frazzled by the time french toast is flipped and stockings are empty. When you know your stressors it helps you to focus on your strengths and plan around your weaknesses.

Your Simple Christmas

Now that you are feeling all yule-tidey, it’s time to ‘Set Your Intention’. I know it sounds wishy-washy, but if you can set yourself a Christmas motto, then you can start to make all your decisions up against this motto. If adding something to the schedule, gift list, menu, and so on doesn’t fit your Christmas motto, then you can simply drop it off your list this year. You can start to weed out the stress and the striving and just enjoy Christmas for what you want it to be.

If you could sum up Your Simple Christmas in one or two sentences, you have your motto. What is your motto for this year’s Christmas?

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