The Simple Christmas Planner

If you feel like Christmas comes and goes and you are left feeling like you didn’t show up well, it lacked the experiences you hoped for, and you were overwhelmed by it all then DON’T LET ANOTHER CHRISTMAS GO BY WITHOUT BEING INTENTIONAL ABOUT IT. 


I made the Simple Christmas Planner because I have had way too many seasons and special events come and go where I felt like I did everything on autopilot. 

  • I blew the budget,
  • was a stressed-out hostess,
  • got anxious over all the details and,
  • at the end of the day, I was left feeling deflated, depressed, and lost in the blur of it all.

For the past five years I have been dedicated to simplifying my home, heart and life – and showing up for my life and living it ON PURPOSE. To me, this is just as important at Christmas too. 



For a Christmas where we felt like we could slow down and enjoy it.

A Christmas that felt like met the needs of our family.

For a Christmas that was the EXPERIENCE we hoped for. 

What would your Christmas on Purpose look like?

  • Paying attention to your people
  • Still making time for slowing down and self-care
  • Being prepared for the season ahead of time
  • Enjoying gathering and togetherness
  • Making memories with your family and friends


As I have worked at living my life on purpose and life coaching other women, I have some strategies I now use to approach my Christmas season (or any big season/event) I have put it all into this SIMPLE CHRISTMAS PLANNER. 

This planner will help you approach your Christmas planning with a life coaching lens and address your mindsets and stressors. 

It includes intentional living and will help you uncover the Christmas that is right for you and your family.

It has a foundation of minimalism so you focus on the best and let go of the rest!


Having a Christmas ON PURPOSE can be done.

It has some important factors that I have made simple and walk you through in the Simple Christmas Planner:

  • Being mindful of the mindsets that are running the show
  • Paying attention to my stressors and stress habits
  • Simplifying the things that feel like ‘too much’
  • Considering the Christmas that I want to have rather than the one I’m expected to, or have always had
  • Deciding as a family what is most important to us to do/experience/focus on  
  • Planning things out and preparing in advance so I’m not overwhelmed and rushed
  • Taking actions to make that happen.
  • Showing up, being present, slowing down and enjoying it all.