Simple on Purpose Coaching Mini-Sessions

If you are interested in coaching but not sure if it is for you OR maybe you want to see if we would be a good coaching match then try out a mini session

What to Expect

In the mini session we will explore a problem you are facing, a goal you want to set, an issue you need help busting through. This is a great chance to get some traction when you are in a rut.

The focus of the call will be to explore the root of the issue and examine meaningful, realistic ways for you to move forward.

Sessions are about 30 minutes long, there is no further commitment required or pressure to become a coaching client. We will just stick to what is happening for you now and the mindsets you can bust to move forward. 


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Why you need a life coach

A life coach is someone who brings out the best in you. A life coach helps you to uncover those bad habits, those blind spots and those limiting mindsets you might not even realize are holding you back. A life coach isn’t someone who tells you what to do, they guide you in setting action and vision for yourself from your own ideas and desires.

It can feel like a big financial commitment, but life coaching is a formal way of gaining traction in your life. You have probably tried making to-do lists, and changing bad habits but you can lose steam or even become resentful of these changes. If you have tried and you aren’t making way, maybe it is time to get some outside help. It will be worth the investment in yourself and your life! I can help you see the real root cause of your issues and help you move forward with a deeper awareness and ability to make positive, lasting changes.

Feel like you want more?

Check out the Four-Session Program to guide you through applying Simple, on Purpose to your life.

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Heads Up:

The calls will be over phone via Skype

These calls will be recorded, they will not be released to the public without your expressed permission.