Time To Pack The Hospital Bag

I don’t know if it was the ‘to do’ list, the realization of the shrinking timeline to get ish done, the increase in more painful BH contractions I didn’t have … Read more

#moms30for30 {Week Four}

Welcome WEEK FOUR of the 30 for 30 challenge (see all posts here).You could say I technically failed the 30 for 30 challenge. I took two weeks off to eat … Read more

#moms30for30 {Week Three-ish}

Welcome WEEK ‘THREE’ of the  30 for 30 challenge (see all posts here).It is true, I’m very behind. I can blame it on doing something productive though, like growing a … Read more

#moms30for30 {Week Two}

Welcome WEEK TWO of the  30 for 30 challenge (see all posts here).I won’t write much this week as I have to divy up this nap time between some high … Read more

#moms30for30 {Week One}

So it’s been just over a week doing the 30 for 30 challenge (see all posts here).Here are somethings I am learning so far:1. I will admit that around the house … Read more

My Pregnant Frenemy {Today at BLUNTmoms}

Today you can find me at BLUNTmoms writing about that BFF you have…. and they become pregnant.  Here is an excerpt: You know that partner-in-crime, laugh-till-you-cry, friend you can’t live … Read more