Weird Things I’ve Been Googling {Placentophagy}

I’ve said it before; if you saw my Google history you might not be my friend. Your eyes would narrow and then broaden as it dawns on you that I actually am that weird girl who remembers everyone’s’ names and quietly starts singing to herself when triggered by key words.  But hey, I can make a mean soy latte and will nod thoughtfully as you recount your dream from last night and won’t judge when you confess you only shave one leg so you never feel like you are sleeping alone…oh you don’t do that? Oh, I have never done that either….. So I’m weird, you’re (less) weird, we are all weird. Here are some weird things I’ve been Googling….


Short Story:
 Betty Draper ate her placenta, should you?

Long Story: January Jones brought placentophagy (consuming your own placenta) to affront when she had hers dried and put into capsules. Why? There are claims that doing this is a great source of protein and contains hormones that help to reduce post partum depression.  I’ve looked for studies on this, and the research I could find shows what Wikipedia said all along, that women who consume their own placenta reported ‘improved mood’ and ‘increased energy’ after childbirth. Critics will point out that this could be a placebo effect. Seems like there is no way to ever know. How does a new mom know she has ‘more energy’? And a ‘better mood’? The most important thing, in my eyes, is the note from researcher, Mark Kristal, that heating, drying and freezing the placenta can destroy all the proteins and hormones.  
More from the skeptics, more from the from the believers

What do you think, do it gal? Don’t do it gal? 

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