#moms30for30 {Week Three-ish}

Welcome WEEK ‘THREE’ of the  30 for 30 challenge (see all posts here).

It is true, I’m very behind. I can blame it on doing something productive though, like growing a baby. 

I’ve been down and out with nausea, headaches and fatigue (from the nausea meds). I’m glad to say it is all getting better, it also meant me going off any anti-nausea meds during the day, but at least I can stay awake and, you know, be a mother. 

I’m determined to see this challenge to the end, and am doing my best to still squeeze into the 30 picks. I did pick my final 30th piece as well, a maternity shirt shown below in day 19. 

So here is week ‘three’…..

Why yes I did get my hair done! Thanks for noticing!

Oh, and these little booties I want to wear with everything?! I’ve actually been hunting for booties with a strap at the top so I could cinch them around my little elf ankles. They are just something I picked up at while on my solo night away in the city. 

Oh the getaway, you ask? It was suggested by the hubby after I drove through snowy mountains to get to the city for a doctors appt. It was a self-indulgent day of hours at target, coscto, and chapters; tea with a bestie, eating alone at my fav places; buying a plunger from walmart at 930PM and topped off with me eating bran muffins alone in a super 8 without a tooth or hairbrush! I’m probably good for another six months!

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