#moms30for30 {Week One}

So it’s been just over a week doing the 30 for 30 challenge (see all posts here).

Here are somethings I am learning so far:

1. I will admit that around the house I change into ‘comfort gear’ but the simple act of ensuring I get dressed at some point in my day has made a big impact on my mindset.

2. I picked too much dark, though moms only wear white for solo shopping trips, I think I need some brightness in my tops.

3. I love scarves.

4. I hate taking pictures of myself, this might be one of the dorkiest things I’ve ever done. Well, okay, one of the top dorkiest. Okay fine, I’ve been way dorkier before.

5. I’m still saving one piece (I only picked 29) to give me lee way as my pregnancy progresses, I’m thinking this bonus piece will be maternity pants. 

6. I have more clothes then I will ever need or reasonably wear. After this month it’s time to start making decisions on what belongs in my life and my closet. 

7.  I am not a fashion blogger. I mean, sure, the girl who used to wear socks and sandals is likely disqualified from this title but I love me some fashion blogs.  Yet, the simple act of putting my everyday outfits onto the internet has taught me I don’t have the heart for fashion blogging. I am not here to show you the most stylish and up to trend outfits. I am just trying to make these clothes work into my life in versatile ways and stay comfy and relatively stain free (which I failed the first day thanks to Miss Poops A Lot).  

Here have been my outfits for Days 1-8, mostly week 12 of pregnancy. 

I am hosting this 30 for 30 along with these other moms, check them out!

And check out the creative and fun women who have stepped up to join in!

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Tairalyn at Little Miss Mama
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If you want to join in, jump on in! You can extend your 30 outfits into march, choose the number of items for the remaining days left this month (eg a 22 for 22).  Use the hashtag #moms30for30

4 thoughts on “#moms30for30 {Week One}”

  1. You have the cutest clothes!! I seriously only wear jammy clothes these days. If I leave the house, I trade my yoga pants for skinny jeans and throw on some tall boots. With my big winter jacket on, I totally look like I put more than 5 minutes into my outfit. If I need to take my jacket off, I might consider a cute top and scarf. Dude, I should have started this with you, but now I’m feeling really lazy and kind of territorial about my jammy clothes. It’s winter!!! And I hardly leave my house!

  2. Isn’t this challenge kind of mind blowing?? I’m starting to embrace my body and I can’t even explain how good that feels.. Love that growing bump of yours! Ps. I’m obsessed with scarves too 😐


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