My Pregnant Frenemy {Today at BLUNTmoms}

Today you can find me at BLUNTmoms writing about that BFF you have…. and they become pregnant. 

Here is an excerpt:

You know that partner-in-crime, laugh-till-you-cry, friend you can’t live without? She is great isn’t she?
She shows up at your door with a bottle of wine in her PJs so you can do absolutely nothing together. She hates all your shady exes on your behalf. She is your shoe size, buys you cute shirts when she’s shopping, and always knows what to say when you need advice.
Then you get pregnant and have a baby. She is still that great FWOK (friend without kids). She helps with babysitting, takes you out for ladies night, spoils your kid and now she buys you cute nursing covers when she’s shopping.
Then she gets pregnant. {READ ON}

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