So Long Dovetail Blog, Hello Simple on Purpose!

dovetail blog shawna dovetail I started Dovetail Blog almost four years ago to write about the birth of our first son, Levi, which ended in C-Section. I needed to write about it to release it. I needed to share with other moms who may have felt ashamed or disappointed, like I did, and tell them they weren’t alone. I maintained the blog and wrote like I had a hot lovin clue about stay at home motherhood.family of three simple on purpose dovetail blog

family of four simple on purpose dovetail blogMost have you have followed with me on Dovetail Blog as we added Lenayah (VBAC,woot!woot) to our family 16 months after Levi. You heard about her (our) struggles with her reflux, our move to a gluten and dairy free diet that was temporary, thank the Lord! Because pizza. I shared with you the amount of anxiety and self-doubt I had in my parenting and how it seeped into my heart and affected my living and loving (code for, marriage counselling was worth every penny).  Then as Lenayah grew and became such a joyous cheeky thing I got pregnant again. And there you were, reading as we had our third and final baby boy, Dawson, this summer. Making us a family of five.family of five simple in purpose dovetail blog

Dawson is eight months now. As I begin to leave the baby stage, I feel like I’m getting past the ‘bottleneck’ of those early days of motherhood. Really, if you were in my kitchen with me I would tell you that something has just ‘clicked’ and I would say it’s all from God. I see His hand in all the hardships of my shaky beginnings in motherhood and marriage. I see Him steering me into humility in places where I’ve been so damn proud. I see Him guiding me towards some new lessons around how I’m living and loving. Not just as a mother this time, but as the whole variety of me.

So that brings us to Simple on Purpose. I’ve brought over a chunk of the content from Dovetail Blog for those of you who found those posts helpful in any way. Simple on Purpose will have a different story to tell though. A story of how we are trying to live with less. Less stuff, less stress, less distraction. A story of how we are trying to identify and actually DO the things we want to accomplish in ourselves, our marriage, in raising our kids. To live life on purpose.  (Also, I needed to switch to WordPress because I’ve been a cavewoman over Blogger.)

I love and value your readership, all your comments, messages and texts over the years. You readers are what keep me writing because connecting with you is what I love the most (#typenineforlife).  For all you Dovetail Blog readers, I hope you will come along for this ride too. For all you new readers, welcome! I’m so glad you are all here.

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7 thoughts on “So Long Dovetail Blog, Hello Simple on Purpose!”

  1. Yay Congratulations! Welcome to WordPress (from the girl who got here like 5 min before you) I look forward to your tips and tricks for leading a less distracted life… and I dream about having 4 or 5 cups of coffee with you and chatting some day.

  2. Congrats on the new name and new look, Shawna! And welcome to WordPress!!! I hope it’s great for you. 🙂 I agree with you that motherhood is such a journey… I’ve learned so much as a mom too, when I look back on my firsts. Thanks for sharing some of yours!


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