Confessions of An Anxious Mom {My Guest Post at Tell Another Mom}

You know that lost feeling when you are spinning in the spiral of crumbs and tantrums that motherhood can be. Every smidgen of mothering goodness you had has depleted by tiny cave people and you wonder how you will ever find more.  Then an empathetic woman enters your life. Maybe a great friend, supportive sister, or a cashier at the grocery store. She gives you a knowing look, a few words of comfort or a hand on your shoulder letting you know that you ARE a good mom. Well imagine a whole website devoted to this. It’s like a hot, rose petal filled, candlelit bubble bath for you heart!

I am thrilled to announce I have the honour of guest posting with Janet at Tell Another Mom today. This is my first guest post and I am beaming the harsh spotlight on one of my hardest struggles in motherhood, anxiety; and all the corners of my life it hides in. Please go on over to Tell Another Mom to read it.

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