Mothers: The Heart of the Home

Everyone needs a Great Uncle Herb. Smacking his lips and telling animated tales behind thick glasses. Dancing across river rocks while wrestling with a forty-pound writhing salmon. Strumming his banjo with smiling beady eyes.  One afternoon over tea he was telling us a story about peeing in his brother’s eye (I can’t do it justice) and he spoke of his mother’s reaction. I loved this image he painted, of a woman at her cook stove swatting rowdy boys with a spoon while laughing at the situation.  I commented on her reaction – which made it obvious where Great Uncle Herb got his sense of humor. He gently smiled and said one of the most impactful things I’ve ever heard ‘Mothers are the heart of the home’. I know! I thought it was the kitchen too! But he’s right, it’s the Mama. 

Ever since I’ve had kids I’ve let this echo around in the back of my mind. Recently, after a few days of a very shitty attitude on my part I realized, maybe I don’t really get it. What kind of heart does my home have? What do I WANT it to have?

Mood can hang over a room like a wet blanket. You know how you can hang out at someone’s house and feel the tension like bright fluorescent lights are frying everything. Then at other people’s homes, you feel at ease, happy and peaceful. It has nothing to do with the living room arrangements and finger foods. It’s the mood of people.
We as Moms spend so much time reacting that we sometimes don’t stop and think about the tone we set loose on our home.  We forget the POWER we have to act without stress, cold shoulders, nagging and getting all wrapped up in the anxieties we carry and transfer onto those around us.  Sometimes we treat strangers on the street better than our own families – all because our husband made a comment; we are feeling taken for granted; the kids are acting out; someone drank the last of the coffee; we aren’t proud or satisfied to be at home. Whatever triggers us, we have the POWER to smile, decide to not be jerky, and carry on.  Else, how can we expect our kids to be resilient, content, optimistic, forgiving?

Go back to Great Uncle Herb’s mom laughing at the wood stove.  She was probably up since 5 am packing water, lighting fires, peeling, cooking, cleaning, over a sizzling stove and there she is laughing at her kids…. laughing with her kids (smacking them with spoons helped too I’m sure). What words pop up in your mind about the mood in this home? How does the mother set the tone?

Contentment, humour, forgiveness, fun, adventure…..
Mom, you are the heart of your home. What are you weaving into the core of your family’s home? 
This post is really a jumping off point for me, I could write on and on. If this post is hitting a note with you I strongly urge you to also read this blog post  that I have fallen in love with.  

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