Why My Lamest New Years Eve Was My Best

You know you have no social life anymore when you and your husband say in unison ‘Who is calling so late!?’ It’s only 9pm and what’s sadder? It’s your parents phoning to wish you Happy New Years before their party gets too wild and they forget they have kids to call.

Once the bambinos were down we laid out the gluten-free, dairy-free snacks (jealous yet?); threw on the PJs; welcomed our good friend, Tom (thank the Lord there is no gluten in Gin!); turned on some music (yeah it was country! no big deal). Our New Years Eve was LEGEND..(wait for it)..AR… no, no, I can’t say it, it’s a lie. I had good intentions to wake up at midnight and smack an ole wet one on my man – instead we text-flirted at 5am when I was up feeding baby and he was getting to work.

The more I think about, our night was kind of legendary. We hadn’t hung out and talked, the two of us, in weeks. We had a lot to talk about too. Our lives have changed so much this past year and there has been much resistance and head butting over how to adapt and grow as a family. People are always preaching about putting your kids first. And it’s true their NEEDS always come first, but we agreed from the birth of our first that our marriage is the foundation of the family and we needed to protect and nurture it above all. So without needing prompting, that was the goal of last night as we sat at our table full of food I would pretend is a spread of cheeses and breads. 

As we talked about the elephant in the room, I was scared it was bigger than we could handle. But the conversation was mellow, intimate and vulnerable. It was an answer to my prayers that God give us the grace, passion and HUMILITY to get through this rough part. 

Renewing your friendship with your spouse, confirming your goals as a family, forgiving freely, smiling, looking right into their eyes.  Maybe the best way to start a New Year. Maybe one of my best New Year’s Eves in my 30 years. 

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