Advice for New Parents…in One Sentence

I while back I wrote a post called ‘Advice For New Parents’. I felt helpful passing on these brain turds concocted by obsessive goggling, trial and error, and hand-me downs from other moms. Now I can sum up all my advice in one sentence.

As a new mom and felt fairly validated by my happy, mellow, easy to sleep-train, chubby little man. 

Then this phenomenon occurs, you have another one and realize that your first really didn’t teach you anything about parenting. 

When baby boy was 16 months I had my daughter…. She cried, for pretty much the first 20 weeks of her life. 

Being her Mom has been one of the top three most humbling and difficult  experiences in my life to date.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s as sweet and beautiful as freakin amber sunshine rays on velvety flower petals. But there’s been lots of tears and confusion on both our parts. Fortunately this is all changing for the better….

As parents we tend to give more advice than we take.  

So breaking it down and rebuilding it all over again. Here is the advice I would give a new parent….

Never judge another parent, including and especially yourself. 

5 thoughts on “Advice for New Parents…in One Sentence”

    • Thanks Daniel – though I was also trying to point out that we shouldn’t judge ourselves so harshly either – that we all need to take a step back on judging what is right and wrong and normal and not when it comes to parenting – we all need to cut each other some slack cause really who knows what they are doing!?

  1. First was a preemie and colicky. That kid could scream for hours. I’d put him down screaming, close the door, go to the front of the house and call my friends to talk me off the ledge. They saved my butt. Second kid was Soooo easy. I thought there was something wrong with her at first because we didn’t have to wrestle her to sleep or do any elaborate bed time rituals…. Never judge. You have no. Freakin’ idea.


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