106. [Coaching Session] Mom life, negative emotion, uncomfortable feelings

This is a Coaching Session I had with Laura, who is looking for coaching support on dealing with jealousy of when her kids prefer her husband to her – and with setting up a motherhood mantra for herself to anchor herself in motherhood. 

I have divided this coaching session into three episodes. 

In this first one, we cover awareness. We work on identifying the problem, seeing how it impacts her life and how we can shift away from judgement and fear of it. 

In part two we will talk about being a Mom on Purpose and in part three we will talk about ways to bring joy into motherhood. 


Life coaching session on intentional parenting and uncomfortable emotions:

  • Starting with awareness. Paying attention to how you are feeling, what you are thinking and how you are showing up. 
  • Laura mentions she is a Type 4 on the Enneagram to learn more about that check out this episode on the Type 4 Mom 
  • Understanding how we are perpetuating negative experiences in our life
  • Self-judgement layers on the problem 
  • Dealing with uncomfortable or negative emotions
  • Experiencing emotions rather than identifying with emotions. 

Head on over to part 2 of this call. 

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