107. [Coaching Session] Being and loving the mom you ARE (self-recognition and values)

This is part 2 of my life coaching call with Laura. We are continuing the conversation with an exploration of what values she wants to bring into her parenting. 

This portion of the coaching session was getting clarity on WHERE Laura wants to go as a mom, what it looks like for her to be a mom on purpose. 


Head on over and catch part 1 right here. 


Values-based parenting 

When we are living in line with our values we feel more fulfilled, purposeful and at peace with how we are acting and behaving. 

This is why it is so important to know your values – they inform you of what is important to you and where you want to direct your energies.


What you are in control of as a mom 

So many of us moms want to control the outcome of our children. We want to control how they feel about things, what they do/don’t do, how they think about us or others. But all of this is NOT in our control. 

What is in our control is how we decide to show up (think, feel, act) – and our values are our compass on that. 


Loving the mom you are

Part of loving WHO you are as a mom is recognizing what makes you unique. I love to do this with a list of all the things I think my kids will remember about me as their mom. 

Self-recognition of ourselves helps us step out of comparison with others. 


We wrap up with part 3 of this session. 


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