Giving Up My Career {Again} to Be A Stay At Home Mom

So, if you’ve read about me giving up my career to be a stay at home mom, then you are probably wondering why I’m pulling a Garth Brooks and ‘retiring’ again.

Here’s the background: when Levi was 10 months old  (I was edging into the second trimester) I went back to work two days a week. I would work around my husband’s shift work so we could forgo finding a babysitter.  Hubby was all on board (and probably a better full-time parent than I was) and it was a nice change to get up, put on matching shoes and hang out with adults all day (even if most of them didn’t want to see me… joys of being an Environmental Health Officer).

Sorry Son, Mom is at work so DADDY has to clean your diaper art from the crib.

At the end of the day things were generally a win-win. Dad and son bonding; mama wore a bra and got a paycheque; and, health hazards were stopped in their tracks! Me! Saving the town! I was a hero! (not, so much that last part).

Gradually the newness began to wear off as we realized this gig was just more to toss into the growing family calendar. I had to laugh when my husband pointed out that he could work overtime and triple the money than his civil servant wife. I wondered how far I could stretch my maternity wardrobe to remain work appropriate. So, after six months of juggling our schedules and meeting the demands of wife, pregnant lady, mother and employee – I went on maternity leave and had my second, Lenayah.

Levi seeing me off to work on my first day

I planned to come back after six months, but that didn’t happen. I knew that going back to work even after the full year wasn’t really what I wanted and smiled when my husband said he was hoping I would say that. So, at ten months I gave my official notice.

I spoke with my boss who is a mom herself. She had never been a stay at home mom, she continued with her career and rose in the ranks. When I told her my intentions she told me she was jealous and that she wished she could do that. She stated something along the lines of your kids are only young once, enjoy it, work will still be here.

For some reason this sat in the back of mind at the end of the night. Here is my superior, a colleague, a woman, a wife, a mom. She took the fork to the left I’m taking the fork to the right. She had the experience to look back on what her decisions were and offered me encouragement in mine. I wasn’t looking for her approval, but it kind of helped me to shut the door on any doubts I had.

I followed up in true Lady Nerd fashion with my resignation letter by email:

(the watermark in the graphic above says dovetailblog because that was the original name of this blog)


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