Weird Things I’ve Been Googling {Cleaning Microfiber Couches}

I’ve said it before; if you saw my Google history you might not be my friend. Your eyes would narrow and then broaden as it dawns on you that I actually am that weird girl who remembers everyone’s’ names and quietly starts singing to herself when triggered by key words.  But hey, I can make a mean soy latte and will nod thoughtfully as you recount your dream from last night and won’t judge when you confess you only shave one leg so you never feel like you are sleeping alone…oh you don’t do that? Oh, I have never done that either….. So I’m weird, you’re (less) weird, we are all weird. Here are some weird things I’ve been Googling….

Cleaning Microfiber Couches

Short Story: Clean your dirty couches with rubbing alcohol

Long Story: It’s the day you realize the sippy cups are all leaking when every drink stain and greasy finger print dries into a mark on your microfiber couches. Then the next night your kid pukes on them. Or maybe it’s just me. I’ve tried every liquid and powdered remedy to get the smell and stains out and then Pinterest I learned a trick. 

Spray your couches with a bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol (you can buy it at the drug store) and then scrub them down with a clean white sponge. Simple.

Here are my before and afters!

Left before. Right after
Top before. Bottom after


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