11. Are we TOO comfortable? + Do we need so much pantry space?

Did you know you can DIY microwave popcorn? The Finnish art of Sisu. My Pantry epiphany.



++ simple food ++

Did you know you can DIY microwave popcorn!? I saw it on Instagram stories and started searching Pinterest. Here is a pin to get you started. 

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++ simple home ++

I shared photos in the email newsletter of the pantries we moved from the kitchen to the basement. What have I learned by reducing my kitchen pantry storage in half?

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++ simple life ++

The Finnish Way by Katja Pantzar is about the people of Finland and the quality of sisu, a certain inner resilience and grit, that they have. This book has made me think about my daily life and inspired me to make some changes. 


++ the life on purpose workbook ++

This planner will guide you through setting a life vision and putting it into action. It is a compilation of my own experience, my life coaching lessons, the Year on Purpose booklet, and the Whole Life Vision exercise I do with my clients.

This book is being formatted and designed as we speak and should be available in January!


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