Umm…I Thought You Were Running a 5km?

5km beginner, couchto5k, 5kfoamfestThis post was supposed to be sopped full of victorious pictures and drenching with exclamation marks framing ‘I DID IT!’ sentiments!

I would remind you that a dear friend asked me to run this race with her, I had to say yes. I would tell you how this pasty girl (me), with subzero athletic ability, decided it was time to run 5km and then DID.

Of course we’d wade through all the reasons that running is against my nature. Yet as I trained with the couchto5k app, I realized how much I needed it. It started to seep out years of complacency, it started to melt mental blocks I’d let solidify over the years. Yet, still, I was deciding, choosing to run…on purpose! Which I expect is comparable to my two year old being all like, ‘I’m just gonna go ahead and start using the toilet and going to bed at 7pm, cause that sounds like something that would benefit me in the long term’.

This race was not only something special we would be doing along side some dear friends that we never see enough, it was also something I would be doing to prove to myself I could.  This race was something that would push my boundaries, in fun ways, which I seem to need to help me do things I think are hard. (I don’t really put an effort into doing hard things, Type Nine problems.) This was the proverbial ‘high jump’ that I would finally have the physical confidence to propel my body up and over.

It seems silly that I had so much sense self-accomplishment mixed in this. That this race was the marker for my own physical achievements. But like, people, I was starting from a dusty box of participation ribbons, 15 year old running shoes, and maxing out at three pathetic attempts of lady push ups. Subzero abilities! running shoes, couch to 5km, training, running, foam fest

Long story short we missed the race. Two words: Stomach flu. (Though Environmental Health Officer Shawna needs to tell you there is ‘no such thing as the stomach flu’, it’s usually something called norovirus)

The day before the race, the kids and I were ill. Meaning we couldn’t make the trip to drop the kids off at the grandparents and up the mountain to make the run at 930 in the morning.  As we all started to feel better I hastily talked Conor into us still making it for the last night to spend it with our friends.  He was hesitant, I should have backed down. But noooooo! I just haaaaaave to do the things I set my mind on and convince him I’m right. #wifefail

So we pile into the truck and head to the farm, thinking this night with our friends will be the happiness we could squeeze out of this lemon of a weekend. But just as we are nearing the farm, Dawson starts puking. So we all crashed the farm for the night, called off all the plans and I felt like a total ass that we ever left the house. Also, turned out I forgot to pack a single diaper and pants for Levi! #momfail

This weekend was just NOT meant to happen.

If there was any highlight, it was seeing the kids have fun at the farm.Watching them meet the new piglet, the new horse, pick allll the strawberries and watching Grandpa teach them how to fish knowing they will soon outfish me (not hard, I’ve never landed a big one). [Cue gratuitous pictures of adorable children and farm life]


As for running a 5km, Conor says I need a new goal now (he would!). So I’m working on that. For starters, my new goal is to complete the couchto5k app.

And if you guys know of any fun sporty-for-the-non-sporty events in BC this summer, let me know!

And if you see me running the streets with my friends following me and spraying me with shaving foam and then hurling mud at me as I budge my way down the slides at the park…..I’m clearly not over it yet. I do not promise I won’t wear my homemade ShmiveKShmoamShmest medal to the spray park every day!


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