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Hey, I'm Shawna

Hey, I'm Shawna

Lady Nerd. Mom of three small kids.

Yes, I’m as tired as I look. 

I am a big believer in God’s grace, dry shampoo and day drinking at ladies’ lunches

(because I don’t get out much…and I’m a mom….and want to be in bed at 11pm)


I started blogging after my first son, Levi, was born. I wanted to share my c-section story in order to help myself work through the disappointment I felt about it.

My daughter, Lenayah, came along 16 months later. She had reflux from food sensitivies and things were tough. It was one of the harder years of my life, and my marriage. But also the most fruitful. I am so so thankful for it.

I quit my career in Public Health after Lenayah was a year. It was a job I never really loved doing. I knew that I wanted to do something different with my life but didn’t really know what that would look like. 

This past year my life took a turn. My third baby, Dawson, came along and there was finally a calmness in my life.scafe family of five, diane blank photography

I finally started to feel ‘ready‘ ….. for something more.  More than motherhood (even if it is one of the most valuable things I do with my life, it isn’t the only thing). More than this autopilot life I had been living. More than striving for a lifestyle instead of just doing the life I want

I read a book on minimalism that changed how I viewed my life. I started asking questions about why we have so much, do so much, work so much and we feel so restless and overwhelmed. 

So now I am trying to live with less stuff. Sure I might kinda suck at it, but I am getting good at capsule wardrobes. More importantly, I’m learning that less of the excess makes room for more of the best stuff. 

I am trying to live ‘life on purpose‘, set dreams and goals for myself as a mom, wife and woman. It is a new pace for me, I’m learning. 

I am trying to share it all with you openly. Like really openly, because apparently the only filters I have are on Instagram….


You might have some bigger dreams inside you that you are ready to uncover

You might feel restless and overwhelmed in motherhood and life

You might really love waffles, pajama yoga, pseudo-homemaking and dry shampoo

You might be ready let go of ‘things’ that take over your home

You might be ready to let go of ‘things’ that limit you in living life on purpose

You might wear red lipstick around the house with your sweats because it’s the most ‘fancy’ you can muster out of the day

You might be ready to love with all of your messy, all of your beautiful, all of your story

I am writing this for you…….



I live in the Okanagan, British Columbia

I can be contacted for work inquiries, freelancing, simple living and capsule wardrobe questions, or any comments you might have. I also won’t be mad if you email me a great waffle recipe or coupons for free whiskey….just an idea

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