About Shawna

Shawna is a mom of three kids,practical minimalist, self-professed LadyNerd, and Life Coach for moms.

About eight years ago she left her underwhelming career in Public Health Inspection to stay home with her kids. Which trained her to get very good at sweeping and ‘saying no to that face’ and making waffles. 

Since then she has been sharing about her (messy but rewarding) decluttering journey, the awakening she had that she was living her life on autopilot, and her endeavours to live her life ON PURPOSE and be a mom on purpose. 

You can find all of these topics and more covered on the Simple on Purpose Podcast.

Her personal experiences and her Life Coach training and experience has prompted her to create the Life on Purpose Roadmap as well as write the Life on Purpose Workbook, and Homemaker, on Purpose.

Shawna coaches moms all over the world on issues that keep them stuck. Her mission is to empower women to show up for their actual lives with more peace, purpose and presence.

She is a trained Life Coach and holds her diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

She offers coaching from a Christian point of view, if the client wishes, as well as using the Enneagram (self-discovery tool). You can sign up for one on one coaching at any time you need it. 

mom with two toddlers and a baby

Shawna believes that we are meant to make choices about what matters to us in life (like quality cheese, simplifying our lives, and being an intentional parent) and that God’s grace covers everything.

If you want to work with Shawna contact her through email at, shawna at simpleonpurpose.ca