About Shawna

Hey, I’m Shawna

Lady Nerd. Mom of three small kids.

Yes, I’m as tired as I look. 

I am a big believer in God’s grace, dry shampoo and day drinking at ladies’ lunches

(because I don’t get out much…and I’m a mom….and want to be in bed at 11pm)

Four years ago I was home with three small kids. I was feeling overwhelmed, restless, and exhausted. I stumbled across minimalism and started decluttering my home.

As I went through the decluttering process I started asking myself questions about these things I let into my home and life. 

I realized I had been on autopilot in so many areas of my life. 

It started my drive to live life with more passion and purpose. 

I don’t want my kids to grow up with me left wondering what happened to the years. 

Since then, I have been sharing my journey and life coaching fellow moms who want to simplify their home and live their life on purpose.  


You might have some bigger dreams inside you that you are ready to uncover

You might feel restless and overwhelmed in motherhood and life

You might really love waffles, pajama yoga, pseudo-homemaking and dry shampoo

You might be ready let go of ‘things’ that take over your home

You might be ready to let go of ‘things’ that limit you in living life on purpose

You might wear red lipstick around the house with your sweats because it’s the most ‘fancy’ you can muster out of the day

You might be ready to love with all of your messy, all of your beautiful, all of your story

I am writing this for you…….



I live in the Okanagan, British Columbia

I can be contacted for work inquiries, freelancing, simple living and capsule wardrobe questions, or any comments you might have. I also won’t be mad if you email me a great waffle recipe or coupons for free whiskey….just an idea