The Summer Closet Remix (#moms30for30)

why you should do a summer closet remix, simple on purposeHey everyone! In one week I’m gonna do another #moms30for30. Yup! Loads of graceless selfies of me in my stay at home mom clothes. If you weren’t part of the collective eye roll that just happened, then I want you to really think about joining in this time! Like really!

Many of you have mentioned you’ve been thinking about trying this but have had some reservations. After doing two of these challenges I can really say that the 30for30 challenge is for everyone because you can make it what you want.

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November’s 30for30

If you’ve thought about living with less – this is a great way to try on a capsule wardrobe without committing to purging your closet

If you’ve thought about getting out of maternity sweats – this is great motivation to pack up those babies and wear more than stretchy pants and stained tees (yes this is me speaking to myself right now)

If you’ve thought about trying to pin point your style – this is a great way to interview your clothes and assess what is working and what isn’t

If you’ve thought about putting a little more oomph into what you’re wearing – this is a great time to pull out those accessories and work on putting together ‘looks’ you can feel confident and comfortable in

If you’ve thought you have a closet full of clothes but always wear the exact same outfits – here is a lesson in mixing and matching, working with what you have. You’d be surprised how many looks you can get out of very little

If you’ve felt like you do lots of clothes shopping but never seem to be able to invest in really versatile clothes – this will help you identify ‘gaps’ in your wardrobe that would work for your lifestyle. Because not everyone can rock a classic white tee #toddlersaremessy

This month can be about one of these things, or all of these things. It is up to you.

So, join in with us! We’ve got some great fellow BC Moms joining in this time round. You can post your outfits (or lack of outfits, cause sometimes we end up in PJs all day #momlife) on the Simple on Purpose Facebook Page or use #moms30for30 on Twitter or Instagram. And if you have a blog and want to join in through there, send me an email at shawna@simpleonpurpose.ca

Love Shawna, your nerdy girlfriend who will shamelessly bombard you with pictures of her hillbilly fashion show.


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