42 Simple Ways to Spread the Love this Christmas

a simple christmas series for families to simplify

Twice.  That’s how many times everything I believed about Christmas has been torn to little sparkly shreds of lies.

First, when my older brother told me there was no Santa. I cried on the couch in my parent’s lap.

Second, when I found out that Jesus probably wasn’t really born at Christmas time. Right?! I gasped aloud with horror in the pew when I heard that one, maybe even muttered, ‘lieeeeeeesss’ under my breath. Historians look at the events, star references, shepherd references, lack of eggnog, etc. and determined he was probably born in the spring. The Christmas season was later associated with the birth of Jesus by the first Roman Emperor to uphold Christianity, in the fourth century.

One thing remains though, the evolution of Christmas. Every Christmas tradition we have: Santa, evergreens, yule logs, stars, advents, presents, stockings – they all have their own unique story of where they came from and how they changed over the years. Our modern Christmas is a melting pot of cultural references and consumerism.

But we are always fighting to make it mean something. We are talking about ‘the reason for the season’ and ‘presence over presents’. There is a mindset to really stop and love on each other in this wintery month of twinkling lights and mandarin oranges.  Sure, we should feel this way all year. We should be sharing our love, time, food, help, companionship all year round. But….well….maybe we can make up for the whole year with one season? Maybe it’s the tax write-offs? Maybe it’s a Christmas miracle?

Because the fact is there are people who don’t get that magical, warm Christmas we all chase. There are some people who only carry silent burdens through these weeks. They are people who are alone, cold, sad, unwell, or struggling – and they are all around us.

acts of kindness at christmas

So, for those of you who are feeling the Christmas spirit and channelling your inner Saint Nicolas (the secret gift-giver Santa was based on), here are some simple ways to spread the love this season. . . . 

  1. Shovel someone’s driveway
  2. Bring them firewood
  3. Chop and stack firewood for someone
  4. Share your home baking
  5. Buy someone a little table top tree
  6. Have someone new over for tea and cookies
  7. Have someone over for a whole meal of food
  8. Hold the door open for someone
  9. Offer someone help with their groceries or mail
  10. Help out at a community dinner
  11. Donate (good stuff) to the crisis center/food bank/shelter
  12. Welcome a newcomer
  13. Go carolling to the old folks home
  14. Play cards with the old folks (be prepared to be whopped)
  15. When someone asks you how you are, look them in the eye, answer them and ask them back
  16. Take your grocery cart allllll the way back to the store (gold star citizen!)
  17. Write someone and tell them how much they mean to you
  18. Bring someone frozen dinners, or send them from a local Meals on Wheels
  19. Choose a family or neighbour and make them a care package to leave on their door step
  20. Smile at people
  21. Take your neighbour’s garbage bins to their carport
  22. Bring books/crafts/toys to a local children’s ward (phone and ask them first)
  23. Pay for someone else’s anything (groceries, medication, coffee, gas, meal)
  24. Volunteer with operation rednose
  25. Tip your waiter/waitress well
  26. Be a designated driver
  27. Babysit for a friend
  28. Take someone out to coffee
  29. Compliment a stranger
  30. Send a letter to a friend who has lost a loved one this year expressing your sympathy and love in this season
  31. Call your local shelter or food bank and ask them how you can help
  32. Donate extra socks, toques, scarves and winter coats to a local shelter
  33. Send a friend a Starbucks giftcard email
  34. Help shovel snow off a roof
  35. Give a card, box of chocolates, bottle of baileys – whatever- to service people in your life
  36. Surprise a friend with Christmas lights in their trees
  37. Pick up garbage
  38. Hold a neighbourhood bonfire to get to know each other better
  39. Write/call your oldest relatives
  40. Drop off Christmas treats to a local business/service in town
  41. Knit/sew/quilt something warm for someone who could use it
  42. Just ask, if you know someone who could use a hand just ask them how you could help them this Christmas

If Christmas is the time when we start being charitable, then so be it – let’s hope it opens the door to being comfortable to do it year round. It can be free or expensive, simple or complex, local or global – but sharing the love in practical ways is what makes the world a better place.

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  1. Why am I a weepy mess after reading this list? ( I also have worship music on in the background which often makes me weepy.) I am so good at complicating things!! Thank you for shining light on my complicated version of service. What do I have to give? What needs to be done? Those are some good questions to ask myself.


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