Younique Moodstruck 3D Lashes Review

 Get up. Go pee.
Breakfast for the kids. Nurse the baby. Coffee,
Mascara, concealer, brush hair.
Deodorant and bras (ok you got me, this is optional).
More coffee (not optional).
I’m a big believer that how we dress for the day can change our mindset. Like if I wear yoga clothes I truly have the mindset all day that I could totally DO yoga. Totally COULD!
That is why I try to get dressed and put on make up each day. Heck, look better than you feel right?!
Mascara and concealer are my BFFs (along with coffee and dry shampoo).
I have no brand loyalty to mascara, I buy a new one each time to just try it. So I was very excited when my sister gave me Moodstruck 3D Lashes by Younique to try.
The mascara is a three step process:
One, apply the gel like regular mascara
Two, apply the fibres (they are green tea fibres, so Psuedo-Hippie Shawna is a fan of that)
Three, apply the gel to seal in the fibers
Here are my before and afters:
The top pic I have no mascara on, the bottom pic I have two coats of 3D Lashes on.
Public Service Announcement: This mascara will make you feel like you stole Katy Perry’s lashes and glued them on your own. ALSO Your pre-mascara selfies will now be filed under ‘Jared Leto is a Hotter Girl Than Me’.
What I think about this mascara…..
My ability to put on false eyelashes is right up there with my ability to slam dunk a basketball. A laughable vision if you know my athleticism. Not for lack of trying, I attempt false lashes a handful of times each year for special events and it always ends up with me gluing my eye shut and balled up bunch of falsie tossed into the trash like a pile of dead spiders.  BUT now I can rock a falsie look without having to redo all of my makeup halfway through.
I will say though that this mascara takes a while to get a hang of and not have your lashes looking all cakey and spidery.  It is worth watching a few youtube videos and playing around with it.
You also have to make sure you apply the gel well to seal in the fibres, it sure itches the eyes if they fall off the lashes.
The mascara washes off easily with face wash, but I’ve heard that if you don’t wash your eyes the mascara will last a couple days. So, for you moms that are all ‘hey I brushed my teeth today, you are welcome’ this little mascara might fit nicely into ‘Tips on Looking Like You Gave an F Today’ – which is the current book in the Stay at Home Mom Book Club/Wine Club.
Of course I want to use this mascara every single day. I mean, these are ‘lashes of a woman who gets what she wants’ (as my sister’s father in law has said).  But seeing as most days I’m sporting red lipstick on top and sweats on the bottom, I know I can keep this mascara as something a little special.

Also, I think it will pair quite nicely with the old striped maternity shirts covered in baby drool.
Younique has much more than mascara. In fact I’ve even been trying some pigments AKA ‘superior eyeshadows‘ that go on full colour and last all day.
If you want to try this mascara, or any other beauty products for yourself, check it out here! Aaaannnnddd ask her about hosting an online party to get host benefits (half price items and free products).
For more before and afters from real mujeres like yourself, check out my sister’s Facebook page.
And yes she gave me this mascara for free because I wanted to write a post about it. And if she didn’t I would have stolen it from her bathroom and done it anyways. Because sisters.

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