Why I’m Sick Of ‘Being Awesome’

You know what I’m sick of?
People telling me to be awesome. 

Implying my day needs to be filled with glorious backdrops. Adventures that teach my kids valuable life lessons while making them giggle. A day that is met with a wide hot pink smile, skinny jeans and cute shoes. Reckless exploration that fills the doldrums of the routine in life that is apparently rotting my brain.  

Sure it sounds good.Sometimes I even get the chance to do a sliver of it. 
But for the majority of moms with small kids, it just isn’t how the day will go. 

Being a Stay at Home Mom isn’t always awesome. 

Though my kids are pretty awesome at becoming the reason we can’t have nice things.

I have found some awesome ways to store sheets, fold shirts, clean my microfibre couches.

I have an awesome love affair with dry shampoo, my espresso machine and instagram.  

I am getting pretty awesome at interrogating toddlers on their involvement with a certain foul odour. 

I can also do a wicked awesome acapella version of the theme song to Super Why. I’m really dedicated to this one as I’m hoping to inspire the Pitch Perfect sequel where they get knocked up, become moms, and are prepping for their big reunion after years of yoga pants and diapers. 

So, yes I am sick of being told I need to be {more} awesome today. Because some days billowing laundry, sinks of dishes, endless diapers, potty training flops, non-stop snacks and crumbs; failed attempts at toddler crafts; and public tantrums are not very awesome. 

But you know what is awesome?

Finding contentment, I don’t mean satisfaction  I mean contentment. Where you change what is in your power to change and understand there is some you just can’t change and choose not to let it seep into you and give you a bad attitude. If you are like me, this is hard to do, but when you can do it, it is awesome. 

So mom, find value in what you bring to your family and yeah, maybe put on some lipstick if that makes you feel fancy, because lady! You are awesome today! 

Oh, and day drinking with the ladies. That’s awesome too. Cause we are moms and if we can be in bed by ten, that’s awesome as well. 

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