Five Simple Appetizers You Can Make For the Holidays

Appies are my second favourite meal, next to brunch. But when someone asks me to contribute to the appy spread I have jumped all over the culinary map. I’ve done everything from heating up the frozen PC brand appies (don’t mess, those are good!) to wrapping roasted almonds into figs, then wrapping them with local bacon and finally grilling them just before serving.

Yet, most everything I bring is some form of cheese or bacon, so nobody has complained so far.

But now I’m a mom and usually dedicate my kitchen time to making waffles or quick family dinners, so I want to only  have simple appy recipes in my arsenal. Not just to make my life easier, but because I also believe that we can really underestimate the simple pleasure of potato chips, pickles and cheese – a delicacy I ate for my entire last pregnancy.

So, to further our Simple Christmas series, I’m sharing five of the easiest appies I have ever made – aside from heating up taquitos and adding a side of guac. I hope they will give you some ideas on incorporating easy food in your holiday celebrations.

Five Simple Appetizers That Anyone Can Make

(and everyone loves to eat)


slow cooker spinach dip

Slow cooker spinach dip – In case you weren’t sure that slow cookers were invented as a way to melt cheese while you carry on going about your day, let me remind you.  You are welcome.
charcuterie that is simple and easy

Charcuterie platter – Charcuterie? I always thought it was code for a platter that includes cheese, something pickled, a salty meat and maybe some bonus items. I just read that it’s french for a platter of preserved meats. Leave it to us North Americans to add cheese and pickles to the mix. You can also add nuts, dried fruit, mustards, jams, breads, crackers. I really could devote a whole blog post to Charcuterie platters, or as we affectionately have termed it in our house , the #platterofemotion. Really, you can’t lose with a charcuterie and cheese platter. The only prep is putting half-chopped items on a big flat surface. I mean, people will just be feeling fancy to be eating chunks of weird cheese and meat off a board and presuming it is french for ‘little nuggets of all the delicious stuff in the fridge’.  Add a bottle of wine and a references to some documentaries about the ocean and, boom!  You are the most elegant lady at the partay!


bake brie with honey garlic butter

Puff pastry wrapped brie – It’s been about seven years since a friend made this dish. Then we ate it almost every weekend for months until my husband ordered a ban on it. Buuuut I will always have a special place in my brain and heart committed to this delicious appy. Eat it this Christmas for all the wives that can’t!
simple easy tomato bruschetta

Simple tomato bruschetta – If you can chop tomatoes and drizzle oil, then you can make this. The best part is that you can make it a day or two ahead and then just slice up the baguette and voila, appy time! (crowd oohs and ahhs).
simple crostini appetizer

Crostini party – Slice some baguette, toast it if you want and spread on the love. The topping combos are endless: goat cheese and fig jam, maybe add prosciutto. brie and caramelized onions. cream cheese and currant jam.  feta and roasted garlic. aged cheddar and a pickle slice. Hey, if you run out of toppings add a new combo! People will admire your effort to supply variety and never know you just ran out of goat cheese or were too cheap to buy enough brie for all of them.

If you have a simple appetizer you love to make, please let me know! FOR REALZ GUYS! I take my appies very seriously. So message me, text me, leave a comment, tweet me, tag me on Pinterest or Instagram and let me know!



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