When It’s Time to Break Your Own Rules {Find Me On BLUNTmoms today}

Too Many Rules {Starting With Blogging}
Excerpt from Today’s Post:

As an inspiring woman pointed out to me recently, I have too many rules. She’s right (in an eerily Jedi sort of way). The more I think of this statement the more I realize it’s a rusty gate into an untended garden of my heart, possibly inhabited by rabid raccoons and lots of thistle. So I’ll just close that gate for a little longer. 
From day-one we learn life as a series of rules. This is how you eat, how you share, how you talk. Then we pick the rules that make us feel safest and they mature into the standards, habits and limits of our day-to-day life. Everything contained by these rules is guarded, predictable…..[READ MORE]

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