Life Coaching Client Success Stories

Some of my coaching clients have sent me testimonials of what progress they have made and what they have learned through their life coaching experience. 



I signed up for life coaching because I was feeling totally defeated and overwhelmed as a mom

I felt like I wasn’t a very good mom and I was angry a lot of the time. I felt like I was doing everything wrong.  I knew I needed to make a change, but wasn’t sure where to start.  I hoped that talking to someone about how I was feeling would help–and it did!

The life coaching calls have had a very positive impact on my life.  I realize now that I do have some control over my thoughts and that my thoughts are what drive my actions.  When I replace some of my bad thoughts with more positive ones I am able to make some positive changes for our family.  I learned a lot during my calls, but the most surprising thing was that I am a perfectionist and that is part of why I am so hard on myself.  I assumed perfectionist had perfect homes, and I do not.  I think of all the things I learned this is my favorite.  This was a really big thing to learn about myself.  Once I realized this it was sort of like I could give myself permission to not be perfect.  Not have a perfect house.  Not have perfectly obedient children.  And to be happier and more present in the moment.
I’m so glad that I found Shawna’s blog and her Simple Saturday emails, and especially that I took a chance and went out of my comfort zone to talk to another mom about how I thought I was failing as a mom.  I know I’m not perfect, but now I also know I’m not failing.  Thank you!!


I decided to start coaching after at least a year of questioning whether or not I should.
I didn’t know how to begin searching for the right coach, nor did I know exactly what could be offered from having a coach. After browsing the internet, doing my own research on goal setting, I stumbled upon a blog post written by Shawna. It resonated with me so deeply that I was thrilled when I noticed that she did online coaching.
I immediately set up a discovery call and the rest is history!
Shawna was so kind and welcoming. She held a safe space for me to express myself fully, both good and bad. She guided me to profound self-realizations and I always left our sessions feeling motivated and inspired.
I was able to see the benefits of having a Shawna as a coach after our first session, and even now after completing four with her- it is something I will continue with.
Coaching with Shawna allowed me to see that the only limitations are the ones I make up in my mind and she pushed me to see things from new perspectives and aided in my ability to make effective decisions when it comes to my life.
I would highly recommend working with Shawna, you won’t regret it 🙂


Having had a life coach this past year has been incredible for me.
I have learned so much about how I think on autopilot and how to combat the negative thought cycles and to really be intentional about how I show up in my day to day life.
A lot of the headway I’ve made with my habits this past year is mostly due to sitting down and skyping with Shawna on a monthly basis. Chatting with her has been so healthy for me and every time I walk away feeling uplifted and encouraged to push in and push on.


When I decided to look into life coaching, I felt stuck in a lot of areas in my life. I knew I needed to work on my mindset but I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to get started.
Shawna has kindly helped me assess each area of my life and has helped me overcome many limiting beliefs. She has introduced me to new concepts that have greatly impacted my relationships.
She not only has given me hope in meeting my goals but she taught me to embrace myself while still being mindful of the things I would like to change.
I highly recommend Shawna as a life coach, she is so compassionate and great at what she does. Her way of sharing different perspectives is surely a gift. Her coaching was definitely a blessing in my life. 



In my life, I struggled with anxiety and I always felt like I was living in constant fear of the worst outcome of situations.

Feeling stuck in old patterns of my childhood and past relationships, while trying to maintain a new relationship, as well as parenting two small children and a stepson. I knew I was in a place of needing change so I reached out to Shawna as I felt overwhelmed and knew that I wouldn’t be able to deal with these emotions on my own.

She helped me tremendously to try and see my views from a different perspective.

Learning to change one’s perspective can be a difficult path, especially when things can feel like they have been ingrained in your brain for years.

She has and continues to help me train my brain to see the good, not spend my time focusing on all that could be, but live more gratefully with my time in the present. She has given me many tools to keep me in this mindset.

Shawna has never once made me feel judged or looked at me negatively as I shared my deepest feelings with her. She has a very graceful way of helping one through situations and her ability to ask the questions instead of telling you what needs to be done feels more accomplishing when you feel like you have done the work.

She guides you to find your path into making the changes that are needed in your life. I am so grateful for her on this journey in my life, it really has brought me so much peace.

Sometimes reaching out for help can feel so difficult, but giving yourself that opportunity to make changes in your life can be an absolutely beautiful thing, and if I have one person I would recommend to be that for you it would 100% be Shawna.



I recently turned 30 and have been evaluating the trajectory of my life. Inspired by a movie, I started to wonder – would 13 year old me be happy with who I am if she woke up in my body tomorrow? Thankfully, for the most part, the answer is yes! But there are still things I can improve on.

I see how daily choices become habits and that affects my path which influences my destination. But I hadn’t taken the time to set a life-destination, so I struggle to make decisions – especially between good and best. What is actually best for my particular family? My priorities should flow out from the goals we’ve set.

So I needed to make some choices. Set some goals. Create new habits. Shawna was able to help me do that. Her thoughtful questions dug deep to the core of who I am to help me make my own choices, set my goals, and start working on those habits that are most important to me in this current season.

With her guidance, I was able to set a whole-life vision that should help me say YES to the best things and NO to the stuff that is just good. This affects every area of my life, from finances and health to family and spouse relations.

If nothing else, Shawna will help you tame your inner tantruming child!



I was surprised how easy it was to talk to Shawna. It was like talking to a friend that had a lot of wisdom and great advice!

The workbook is simple and easy to follow. Very well put together.

I am able to listen back to all of our recorded conversations and apply what we talked about. I enjoy this a lot better then trying to take a bunch of notes while we talked. It was nice of her to also send the ‘what to do next’ in a follow up email.

I would recommend coaching to anyone that feels like they are stuck!

Coaching helped me to become unstuck and focus on what I truly needed to work on to improve my situation. 


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