Bottle Shock (Cup & Bottle Weaning)

Awesome comes in many forms for a mom. Maybe in the form of a sleek glass full of sweet red nectar. Maybe in the trill of giggles from twelve pounds of drool and cuteness. Or even the hushed tick of a clock creeping into an officially long nap. Well, it also takes the form of a bottle. Okay, this applies to many bottles so let me clarify, .awesome to this mom includes a baby happily drinking a bottle of milk.

Over the past almost nine months we’ve been trying a bottle. All shapes, sizes, nipples, temperatures. She would VERY reluctantly take an ounce, two at most. So we started to try her on a cup. It worked! But it is not really all that awesome. You don’t get the cuddle position so it’s not ideal for a nap or bedtime routine. You also have to sit there holding her cup at the right angles while she vice-grips the cup and swings and slurps and spills. Spilt breast milk is NOT awesome. So weaning to a cup is messy, tedious, and not sleepy-time friendly. I mean I’ll do it if it gives my boobs and therefore me some freedom, but I can’t give up on the bottle just yet.

Yesterday I thought I’d give her a go with the bottle again. She grabbed, she chewed, she drank! 4 ounces! Without tears!!! I was very proud. So of course I took a picture (and used it for her pic of the day).

If she keeps this up freedom (code: wine tours, hair cuts, days off, you get my drift) is in my future, that is awesome. Flipping awesome.

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