Knowing Your Vision and Values Workshop

This is a time-limited video replay of the Values and Vision Workshop. 

Taking time to DO THE WORK

It is about 45 minutes and works through the process of setting and evaluating your values, setting a vision for the nine areas of your life, and reviewing the mindset work behind autopilot and life on purpose. 

This workshop follows the Life on Purpose Workbook or these worksheets.

There is time allotted during the presentation to put pen to paper and make your rough draft of your values and vision — WHICH IS the STARTING POINT for living your life ON PURPOSE.


What people are saying about the workshop

(Anonymous feedback from the workshop survey)

” I wanted to make changes in my life but I never put them on paper before. It’s empowering.”

“It gave me someplace to start. I liked how it walks you through the process. I couldn’t just write down all the stuff I just did without this prompting. And that a vision isn’t just a time-wasting daydream. It can get me to where I want to go.”

“Opened the door for me to begin to challenge myself and ask the hard questions about my personal vision and values.”

“I learned that without having a vision, sticking with a goal is a lot harder.”

“It was very interesting. It gave me a lot to think about, lots of food for thought”

“I am hoping it gives me a push to get off “auto pilot””


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If you caught the workshop live or watched the replay, you can share your feedback here on what was helpful for you – as well as request any workshops for the future.