Who are you and what do you want? (Free Values and Vision Workshop)

So many of us are going through life on auto-pilot. Every day we are shuffling around with our same thought patterns, habits and cycles. 

And so many of us are feeling restless with life, overwhelmed by how to change it, and probably depressed that we aren’t really that happy. 

I have been there too. 


I had decided I wasn’t going to let me being unhappy and restless mean I WAS BROKEN, but rather that I needed a new path.  

I wanted to live my life ON PURPOSE. I wanted to turn off the auto-pilot and SHOW UP for my life. I wanted to set goals, and make changes and get PROACTIVE.  I wanted to get in the driver’s seat!


Over the years of living my life on purpose, I have learned that the first step is to know what I want and how I want to show up.  This is why knowing your life vision and your personal values are so critical to being a person who is rooted in who they are and what they want. 



This workshop will guide you through this process of identifying your personal values and setting out a vision for the nine areas of your life. 

It follows along the Life on Purpose workbook, and worksheets are provided if you don’t have the workbook. 


Simply sign up below and clear some space in your calendar to STOP, LISTEN and SET YOURSELF ON A NEW PATH! A path that reflects WHO YOU ARE and what YOU WANT in your life.