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 ….. I felt overwhelmed by the presence of a new baby I was responsible for and clueless about. I felt like I was faking motherhood and just going through the motions…..

…… I have two very different kids with two very different entrances into this world. I can say one thing as the space between birthing babies and parenting kids widens. All of my past disappointments no longer matter.

Eventually yours won’t either.

dramatic movie trailer announcer voice:

Two parents…. Four kids under four….. Brought together for one epic night of

Will they ever sleep? How many crackers will be wounded and lost under the

Will an impulsive vasectomy be scheduled the very next morning?

Find out who will cry first in “Sure I’ll Babysit Your Kids”

….I hope to have a relationship with my daughter that we can talk openly about her period. Not to put expectations on how it will be but I imagine one that crosses the sacredness and sisterhood of the Red Tent with the effortless banter of the Gilmore Girls, and lots of chocolate in between.
….. The one and only ‘sex talk’ I had with my parents was a one-sided ‘wait till you’re married’ with me nodding in the corner. In school I learned that the female anatomy looked a lot like the Dodge symbol and how the egg gets fertilized. I wish someone told me about what sex can mean to women, positive and negative. 

As I hinted, things boiled up to the surface after having our daughter. That’s when
my anxieties started really affecting more than just me but my family as well.
I was stressed out by baby girl’s health
 and so focused on getting her better. I became 
the guardian of how our family spent our free time – and I
said ‘no’ to everything. ‘There is no time’ I would try to explain; I was
desperate for more time.

I was that weird girl with a weird imaginary friend. A guy named Laurie (unisex names were all the rage in the 80s). Though I remember even thinking to myself that the whole thing was weird, I was quickly distracted by the fact that Laurie had a cat. And what’s even more awesome than an imaginary cat? That’s right, an imaginary cat’s baby kittens.
Lots of new moms, myself included, get  lost in the colourful Pinteresting world of unique, photo-ready, clever ways to teach, dress, play, feed and celebrate your children. There is something for everyone, but not everything needs to be added to your repertoire of hosting and parenting skills. Themed birthdays included

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