Why We Keep That Baby Name A Surprise!

When you are pregnant people ask you three things.
1. When are you due? July 11
2. Do you know what you are having? A baby!
3. Do you have baby names picked out? Yes, but we aren’t sharing them. Well that’s kinda bitchy. Note to self, next time lie and say we don’t have them picked out or make some up.


– THE STEALERS – they like it so much they use it for their baby
– THE HATERS –  they have an opinion on someone they used to know with that name, what they might be called as a nickname, what it reminds them of and so on
– THE FAKERS –  they force a smile and say ‘aw cute’ code for ‘I hate it, but I am nice and I won’t say anything’
– THE ‘HELPERS’ – they have a list of middle name options, spelling options – you’ve picked the name but they still want to be a part of the process
– THE WHY NOT-ERS -these are those who say ‘Oooo, why not use ‘this name” or ‘oh, I would have thought you would use a family name’
–  THE JUDGERS – There are subtle ways our names affect our lives. Maybe this begins even before birth, maybe someone hears my intended baby name and starts making opinions and assumptions about who they will be before they even meet them. 

Then there are those who like to hold off on sharing for the good ol fashioned surprise factor. With both pregnancies we have had the names picked out almost right away. We have them picked for a boy and girl and they have come to life in my head. When people ask we say we are waiting til they are born.  It’s not that we want to keep it SECRET from anyone, we want to keep it a SURPRISE for everyone!

It’s kinda boring to find out the gender of someone’s baby, the name, you know the due date, all that’s left is the weight! My friend once said finding out the gender at delivery is one of nature’s best surprises – and you as parents get that magic of naming this wonderful new surprise.  People say finding out ahead of time is the same surprise as finding out then, but I disagree. When you are your family and friends are wrapped up in that moment where you welcome your child into the world and you all get to meet this little person who you’ve been waiting for and wondering about and they come with this news of who they are – and you respond to that news by giving them their name.   I can still remember waiting at the hospital for my little sister to have her baby, then her husband came around the corner with this little baby in a bassinet and told us, it’s a girl. I have a niece! She is perfect! And her Dad said, we named her Keira Faye. We were all so in love with this little girl named Keira Faye that we finally got to meet and see and cuddle.  Ok, maybe it’s crazy preggo hormones, but that is a pretty amazing time.

Naming Ceremonies
When I know someone is near their due date I regularly stalk them on bookface for the deets on the gender and name. You can even have some fun with revealing the baby’s name.


Some people even have naming ceremonies to reveal the name. For instance, in Iceland you can only use an ‘approved’ name and you reveal the name at the baptism, it is kept secret until then (read more here). 


Let’s Our Geek On
Here’s an app that lets the unborn baby pick their name, what!?!

And an app that I loved full of baby names.

Also check out how trendy your name is at your local vital stats, here is the link for vital stats Most Popular Names in British Columbia

Lesson of the day: I learned it is spelled SURPRISE not suprise 🙂

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  1. II have always been far to impatient to wait, drives hubby crazy! Twice I knew and he didn’t. I’m far to much of a planner though. I love the name cermony thing, its different. I’m a new follower from 7 kids and counting.

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