When Your House Is Secretly A Time Machine Back to the 80s

Last January my hubby and I moved into this 80s bi-level box.  You see them in every Canadian community, you know the layout in your mind without even entering.  
It is my nature to want to change every single surface in this home – this terrifies my husband, especially when he hears the words ‘I saw this really cool idea on Pinterest…
So here are our Radical 80s Reno goals…..
  • Keep within a tight budget
  • Banish the carpet
  • Make it practical for our family
  • Lots of storage! And then some more storage!
  • Make it unique to us – I’ve always been scared to pursue the colours I loved, or the furniture and art I was attracted to cause I don’t know how to put it together in a tasteful way – now is the time to try it anyhow
  • Make changes that make the house unique – with such a common boring layout, how do we change it up to make it unlike every other house?
The big question is, how to you completely change a house without completely changing it?

Here are some photos of the house before we moved in.

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I would love to hear any thoughts or ideas you have for us!

 Living Room
 This wall is coming down in two weeks!!! 😀
 Dining Room
 Spare Room
 Our son’s room (pre-reno)
 Master 1/3 Bath
Spare Room Downstairs (wall was taken down by previous owners to make one big room)
 The door to the ‘Time Machine Back to the 80s’
 Before we tore up the rug
More 80s goodness

Downstairs bath
But there is a sauna! Score!

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