When In Doubt, Roast Vegetables

Roasted veggies are a quick and easy way to make a necessary side dish much more tasty. Here are some roasting tips and meal ideas…..

Tips on Roasting Vegetables

  • Cut your veggie in uniform pieces (so they all cook evenly at a similar rate)
  • Cook on different veggies on different pans if they cook at very different rates (e.g a yam and a mushroom)
  • The easiest spice is some high heat stable vegetable oil (grapeseed, coconut, avocado) some salt and garlic. But don’t be shy with other flavours like cumin and chili on zucchini; curry on potatoes; thyme and oregano on mushrooms (This book called the FLAVOR BIBLE is my go-to for cooking, I use it almost daily).
  • Don’t overcrowd the pan so food can cook hotter and roaster instead of steaming and soggier
  • Roast hot (around 450-475F)
  • Flip or stir every 10-15 minutes

cheap and yummy ways to stretch roasted vegetables into meals, dovetail blogWhen in doubt just roast, or BBQ them with oil, garlic and salt. If there are left overs, there are lots of ways to use them…..

So simple to throw together with some soup or salad. Tortilla shells, some cheese and roasted peppers, red onions and yams are a great combo with a chipotle sauce. Add in some rice or beans to stretch it further.

Fresh Wraps
If you have tortilla shells toss in some fresh greens, roasted veggies and a simple dressing for a quick lunch. Add in quinoa too for some protein.

Veggie Sandwich
This is one of our favourites. If you have some roasted peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and tomatoes you have yourself a killer combo. Toast the bun, add some aoili and feta and we are talking next level!

Rather than chopping fresh veggies add some cold leftover roasted veggies to a salad. Better yet, make it a roasted veggie salad without the greens. Toss the veggies in a vinaigrette and add in some pine nuts. Even add in orzo, quinoa or rice to max it out (whatever that means… you get the jist, we are being frugal here!).

Add veggies to a panini with some meat and cheese and toast the whole shebang. You don’t need a panini press, these tricks will suffice.

Savoury Crepe
Make it a meal in a savoury crepe with a dijon sauce and side of soup or salad. This can be a gluten free option too by making it with something like quinoa crepes.

A jar of pesto and a bag of pasta are simple enough, add in some roasted veggies and you have an easy, quick and tasty lunch. Roasted squash, sausage and a brown butter sauce are also a more decadent way to use roasted veggies in pasta. 

Enchiladas are wildly easy. Stuff them with any combo of ingredients, add sauce and bake. You can add in cooked chicken, pork, steak or for a vegetarian option beans and rice to increase the filling.
Here is a sauce shortcut too:

Roasted veggies on pizza are so delicious and a nice change from the usual green peppers and tomatoes. Add in some canned marinated artichokes to bring it all together. You could even forgo the tomato sauce and consider a kind of flat bread. 

I usually make quiche without roasting or sauteing veggies, but it does add some nice flavours when you do. Check out these four types of quiche crusts.

Our weekly menu usually includes something called Super Nachos. It is a mixture of veggies, beans, garlic and spices stacked with chips and cheese and baked toasty. You don’t have to stick to beans and guacamole. Why not do Greek nachos with roasted veggies and a side of tzatziki. Or some curried veggie nachos with a side of mango chutney. 

Savoury Waffles/Pancakes
Sometimes I’ll pull out the waffle maker and grate a whole bunch of veggies into the batter for a savoury waffle with a side of sausage or bacon. Roasted veggies are better because they are already soft. Onion, zucchini, and yams make great savoury waffles and pancakes. 

Pitas with Greek salad, falafels and tzatziki are a great meal. Sub out the Greek salad for some marinated mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and maybe babaganoush to get a little wild. 

If you have a vitamix you probably use fresh veggies to make an instant soup. But any blender can take some broth, spices and roasted veggies to make a quick and smooth soup. Here are some of my favourite combos, which I think are best with roasted veggies. Or try this one from Cooking by Laptop

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