Seven reasons to try a 30for30 (Shop Your Closet)

What is it?

The idea behind the 30 for 30 is simple. All you do is pick 30 items of clothing you already own and wear them for 30 days, hopefully resulting in 30(ish) different outfits.

Also Known as….

30 For 30 Remix
30 Day Closet Remix Challenge
30 Day Shop Your Wardrobe Challenge
30 For 30 Fashion Remix
How our grandparents dressed themselves.

Why YOU should do 30 for 30….

To work with what you have.
Everything in your closet is there because you put it there for a reason, time to dust it off and find a way to make it work.
To simplify your closet. 
We can all use a little more simplification in our lives and sometimes it begins with paring down our ‘stuff’. Having fewer clothes to clutter your closet will feel more open and freeing. It is worth trying it for a month. 
To help you save money and become a better shopper.
For one there is no shopping during the challenge. Second, once you start using what you have, learning what style you prefer then you will find the ‘gaps’ in your closet. You can start purchasing items intentionally by knowing what you will wear them with, rather than grabbing more just to fill your hangers.
Mornings will become a breeze.
If you like every outfit you put together in the challenge then you will have 30 ‘go-to’ outfits. You won’t have to spend half your morning mixing, matching, huffing, piling and ending up in the same thing you always default to.
You will learn your staples, or your ‘uniform’.
These are the pieces that you feel like ‘you’ in, they are practical for your everyday life and versatile enough to wear often. These are also good pieces to ‘invest’ in when it comes time for shopping. Don’t think they make you boring though, that is where accessories come in!

You will learn to use accessories.
You can change the whole shape and feel of an outfit with a belt and necklace.  This challenge will help you to rely on accessories to add in some personality (colour, sparkle, trendiness) to your wardrobe. I love this example from Putting Me Together:



It makes you get dressed, and I don’t mean changing out of the PJs into cleaner PJs or yoga pants (guilty!).
I mean, ready to run out for errands, have friends drop over for coffee, meet the hubby for lunch kind of dressed. A lot can be said for the 180 your mindset takes when you dressed for the day. And if you are like me, this is always a good idea, as your kids like to make spontaneous poorly timed trips to the ER.
If you have ever said ‘I have nothing to wear’ yet you have brand new clothes with tags on them in your closet. The only addition you need in your closet is some creativity.

Teaming up with …..

Salma from the Write Balance
Farzana from Fuzzy Beauty Blog
Brianna from Fashion Daylee 
Raj Thandhi from Pink Chai Style
and YOU!


So this February 1st some fellow bloggers and myself will do our own 30 for 30 (yes, mine will be the second-trimester edition). Would you join us?  

Keep posted next week for more on how to pick your 30 items and how you can join along with us! 

If you need a little more inspiration check out the 30 for 30s done by Here and Now, Kendie Everyday, Simply Stylish Mom, and, of course, Pinterest


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