Weird Things I’ve Been Googling {The Colour of Baby Poop}

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The Colour of Baby Poop

Short Story: Even our poop has a tale to tell. Ever since Dr.Oz dropped some bowel knowledge to the housewives of North America on Oprah you’ve probably been peeping in the bowl yourself. Now you have a baby and there’s no avoiding the visual acknowledgement….and the questions. The colour of the poop can indicate a few things they have going on in their little bodies

Long Story:
Chart below is applicable to breastfed babies. Eating solid foods, toys, crayons and other edible and non-edible items will have an effect on the colour and texture. 

ColourWhat it Could MeanSource
Black and tarryGiving Birth: Nailed ItYour uterus

Dark Green/Black, constipatedBaby is getting a lot of iron (fortified cereals, formula)

Green, frothyLactose overload and/or a hindmilk/foremilk imbalance. Consult a lactation consultant about block nursing


Yellow/Mustard to BrownNormal BF poop. Yellow means milk is moving through baby’s body quickly and brown more slowly

2, 3
Red (blood)Blood in stool may mean a tear of baby’s anus or hemorrhoids; a milk allergy; or an infection.  Best to see a Dr. about blood in the stool. If blood is black it means it has been digested and may be from mom’s cracked nipples

WhiteMay indicate use of antacids; an infection; problems with the liver; or problems with bile production

3 , 4
Pale, Foul Smelling, FattyPossible gluten intolerance4

This list is not inclusive and does not replace the advice of a health professional

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