Week Four of #moms30for30

Well, week four! Here it is in all it’s timer cam glory!

Today’s #moms30for30 to crash a friend’s for brunch. Cohosts: @SalmaDinani @pinkchai @taslimjaffer @west_coastmama pic.twitter.com/cFmG1d5KMm
— Shawna (@shawnadovetail) November 22, 2014

Day 22 – I’ve actually made two other attempts to wear this shirt this month but someone had better ideas (no names, but it rhymes with Shmawson). Headed out for brunch at a friend’s house. Kids included of course.  I mean who is else gonna leave their half-eaten french toast for me to get some guilt-free second helpings by eating their leftovers?

Day 23 – Three things: 1. Every time I got Dawson almost sleeping his sister ‘needs’ to use the potty. 2. These PJ pants may be my secret wildcard item in my 30 picks. 3. Everyone wore pajamas all day.

Day 24 – Yesterday’s ‘awesomeness‘ spilt over into today and everyone woke up feeling extra…’spilly’. My mom bestie to the rescue and took Levi to school for me. Also, I’m on day two of trying the ‘beachy waves’ by Maskcara, but I think I ended up looking more like our ole dog Goose.

Day 25 – I’ve got plaid on the brain and some babysitting swaps to do with my mom bestie.
Day 26 – The power went out last night from a huge snowfall. There was no TV and no 30for30. Levi had a rage nap over the lack of technology.


Day 27 – Still without power but since I have a back up of laundry there are no pjs to wear.

Day 28 – This outfit is an example of one that I think looked better on Pinterest. Either way I had a holly jolly drink while wearing it and we put all the Christmas decorations up.
Post by Dovetail Blog.
Day 29 – Waffles for lunch and dreaming of power tools. True story.
Day 30 – This photo was taken by an adult who owns an iPhone….or so he says. Levi and I went to church then we left early to drive to the city and pick up a piece for our furnace. No we didn’t have a working furnace in this -20C, but we had love and that kept us warm. Just joking, kids were freezing and had to sleep with us, translation, nobody slept.

I also wore this when we went to the Big City later this day. Thought I’d share in lieu of my pajama day.

Stay tuned for a riveting recap of my outfits and what I liked and didn’t like about this 30for30 challenge.

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